Unlocking Revenue Potential For A Major Utility Company

A major utility company, faced with the challenge of maximizing its income in the last six months of a financial year, approached TSI seeking innovative solutions. Their primary focus was on optimizing their Vacant/ Void Property process and identifying opportunities to bring more customers into charge. This case study explores the strategies and actions taken by TSI to address this challenge and the remarkable results achieved.

Reigniting The Power: A Southwest Electric Company’s Journey To Notify 40,000 Customers

In the sweltering heat of a blistering summer, a Southwest Electric Company found itself facing a formidable challenge. The company had taken the compassionate step of suspending service disconnections during high-temperature emergencies, prioritizing customer welfare. However, as the heatwave began to relent, the time had come to reinstate the disconnect process. Their strategic need was clear: to notify 40,000 customers of this impending change promptly.

Overwhelming Employee Enthusiasm In Contact Center Outsourcing For A Large Utility Company

A leading utility company, with a vast customer base spanning multiple regions, was contemplating changing their contact center operations outsource partner due to service level and customer experience challenges. One of the primary concerns was the transition to new customer service agents with a new partner and whether existing employees would be willing to transition to the new vendor.

Maximizing Revenue Recovery: Transforming Customer Interactions At A Southwest Utility Company

In the dynamic landscape of the utility industry, maintaining a steady cash flow and providing exceptional customer service are paramount. A Southwest Utility Company found itself facing a critical challenge: how to replace their labor-intensive manual tag process with a more efficient solution that not only increased cash flow but also improved customer service metrics. With the assistance of TSI, they embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize customer interactions.

Maximizing Efficiency And Collections For A Major Utility Company

Our client, a venerable energy company founded in 1881, serves 1.6 million electric and 485,000 natural gas customers across a vast service area in Pennsylvania. TSI has been a trusted partner to this major utility company since 1998, providing a wide range of financial care and back-office services. Over the years, our collaboration has evolved, and we have continually delivered innovative solutions to address the client’s challenges and drive improvements.

Enhancing Field Representatives’ Appointment Success Rate: A Midwest Gas Company’s Success Story

In the vast and evolving landscape of the energy sector, efficient customer engagement is paramount. Our case study delves into the journey of a Midwest Gas Company, faced with the perennial challenge of optimizing the success rate of kept appointments for their field representatives. This gas company, like many others, realized the importance of streamlining their operations to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. To tackle this issue, they turned to a strategic solution that would not only address their immediate concerns but also pave the way for scalable growth.

Energizing Customer Relations: The Major Utility Provider Success Story

In the expansive realm of utility providers, a major player serving over 1.2 million electric customers and 630,000 gas customers in Central Maryland sought to revolutionize its customer engagement. This dynamic provider, traditionally managing active collection functions in-house, embarked on a quest for innovation. In 2008, a formal Request for Information was issued, with the aim of identifying potential partners capable of outsourcing specific active collection functions. This case study unveils the challenges faced, the ingenious solutions harnessed, and the exceptional results achieved in this remarkable transformation.

Empowering West Coast Utility: Innovative Low-income Program Outreach

In the sun-kissed landscape of the West Coast, a prominent utility company faced a unique challenge. The regulatory commission required them to notify eligible customers about a crucial low-income program, but a web of restrictions made this task incredibly complex. Enter an ingenious solution that not only solved the problem but also enhanced customer engagement and awareness. This blind case study explores the journey of this West Coast Utility Company as they partnered with a strategic ally to meet their strategic need.

Empowering a Northeast Utility Company: A Decades-Long Partnership with TSI

Since 1998, TSI has forged a robust and enduring partnership with a Northeast Utility Company, working tirelessly to support their mission of delivering reliable services to customers while navigating complex regulatory challenges. This case study delves into the challenges faced by this utility company, the innovative solutions provided by TSI, and the remarkable results achieved through this long-standing collaboration.

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