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Enhancing Field Representatives’ Appointment Success Rate: A Midwest Gas Company’s Success Story

In the vast and evolving landscape of the energy sector, efficient customer engagement is paramount. Our case study delves into the journey of a Midwest Gas Company, faced with the perennial challenge of optimizing the success rate of kept appointments for their field representatives. This gas company, like many others, realized the importance of streamlining their operations to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. To tackle this issue, they turned to a strategic solution that would not only address their immediate concerns but also pave the way for scalable growth.

The Challenge

The Midwest Gas Company faced a recurring challenge – ensuring that customers kept their scheduled appointments with their field representatives. Missed appointments not only disrupted their operational efficiency but also resulted in customer dissatisfaction. Traditional methods of appointment reminders and confirmations often fell short, leading to a need for a more effective and automated solution.

The Solution

To tackle this challenge head-on, the Company collaborated with TSI to implement a cutting-edge solution. The key components of this solution were:

  • Automated Outbound Notification Calls: Two days before a scheduled appointment, an automated outbound notification call was placed to the customer. This call served as a gentle reminder of the upcoming appointment.
  • Comprehensive Appointment Information: The notification call not only reminded customers of the appointment but also provided detailed information about the date and time, ensuring clarity and reducing the chances of confusion.
  • Rescheduling Option: In the event that the customer was unable to keep their appointment, the notification call provided an avenue for them to easily reschedule by contacting the utility.


This comprehensive solution aimed to improve communication, minimize no-shows, and ultimately boost the success rate of appointments.

The Results

The results of this strategic initiative were nothing short of impressive:

  • Improved Kept Appointment Rate: The West Midwest Gas Company reported a significant increase in the number of customers keeping their scheduled appointments. This success was attributed to the proactive notification system, which reduced instances of forgotten or misunderstood appointments.
  • Expansion Across All Five States: Encouraged by the positive outcomes, the gas company decided to expand the program from its initial implementation in one state to cover all five states under its jurisdiction. This expansion demonstrated the scalability and effectiveness of the solution.

In conclusion, the Gas Company’s partnership with TSI to implement an automated outbound notification system exemplifies the transformative power of innovative solutions in the energy sector. By addressing their challenge of appointment no-shows head-on, they not only improved their operational efficiency but also enhanced customer satisfaction. This case study serves as a testament to the value of strategic thinking and proactive solutions in the ever-evolving energy industry.

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