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Energizing Customer Relations: The Major Utility Provider Success Story

In the expansive realm of utility providers, a major player serving over 1.2 million electric customers and 630,000 gas customers in Central Maryland sought to revolutionize its customer engagement. This dynamic provider, traditionally managing active collection functions in-house, embarked on a quest for innovation. In 2008, a formal Request for Information was issued, with the aim of identifying potential partners capable of outsourcing specific active collection functions. This case study unveils the challenges faced, the ingenious solutions harnessed, and the exceptional results achieved in this remarkable transformation.

The Challenge

The major utility provider confronted a dual challenge. Firstly, it required a partner with the finesse to assume active collection functions seamlessly while upholding the exacting standards of customer service for which it was known. Secondly, the utility needed a solution that could swiftly adapt to seasonal volume fluctuations, a factor often influencing staffing requirements.

The Solution

Through a rigorous Request for Proposal (RFP) process, the utility provider identified a partner possessing the perfect amalgamation of qualities:

  • TSI’s Expertise and Dedication: The utility provider selected TSI, drawn to their exceptional management and staff, equipped with an extensive knowledge base. TSI’s commitment to a “small-company” ethos, emphasizing personalized, responsive service, aligned perfectly with the utility’s dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Agile and Swift Implementation: One pivotal factor was TSI’s remarkable ability to swiftly implement the program and adapt seamlessly to the seasonal volume fluctuations that could impact staffing needs. This flexibility ensured uninterrupted service to the utility provider’s valued customers.
  • A Synergistic Partnership: TSI contributed skilled employees who operated from the utility provider’s call center, acting as an extension of the utility and harnessing the provider’s systems. The utility handled employee training and management, while TSI managed payroll and nurtured the business relationship, fostering a collaborative spirit.


The Scope of Work Included

The partnership encompassed a diverse spectrum of responsibilities:

  • Conducting inbound and outbound telephone campaigns.
  • Collecting on both residential and commercial accounts, including the negotiation of payment plans, extensions, and payment processing.
  • Directing accounts to a field group for sensitive service denial and reconnection.
  • Analyzing collection records and executing appropriate collection activities.
  • Safeguarding sensitive account data, ensuring privacy, and adhering rigorously to the utility provider, FDCPA, and all state and local collection regulations and standards of business conduct.
  • Educating the utility provider’s customers on energy assistance programs and collaborating with energy assistance agencies to facilitate applications for financial assistance.
  • Holding periodic meetings with utility representatives to discuss performance and address associated issues.
  • Upholding unwavering respect and professionalism in customer interactions, particularly when navigating challenging situations.

The Results

The partnership between the major utility provider and TSI bore fruit with remarkable outcomes:

  • Collections were meticulously managed, imbued with a personalized touch reflecting the utility provider’s commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction.
  • Adaptability to seasonal volume fluctuations ensured uninterrupted and consistent customer service.
  • Compliance with regulations and standards was upheld without compromise.
  • Customers were educated and empowered through information on energy assistance programs, highlighting the utility provider’s dedication to community support.
  • The utility provider’s reputation for respectful and professional customer interactions was further solidified, strengthening customer relations.

In conclusion, the Major Utility Provider’s alliance with TSI exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration and innovation in the utility sector. By selecting a partner enriched with expertise, adaptability, and a shared commitment to excellence, the utility provider not only conquered the challenges of active collections but also elevated customer experiences, establishing new benchmarks in the industry. This success story underscores the remarkable potential of strategic partnerships in the world of utilities, truly energizing customer relations.

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