TSI is at the forefront of revolutionizing customer experiences (CX), transforming business processes through outsourcing (BPO), mastering the art of accounts receivable management (ARM), and excelling in loan servicing. Our passion lies in harnessing cutting-edge technology and exclusive analytics to craft extraordinary solutions that set the gold standard for our valued clients and their customers.

We have a strong leadership and operational team that understands the importance of embodying the company’s culture and creating an engaged work environment to better serve our client’s customers. Through a focus on operational execution that emphasizes transparent communication, flexibility, and agility, we are able to offer complete flexibility to meet both internal and external demands.

We deliver optimal performance levels, with a stellar industry reputation, robust data security standards, advanced technology, award-winning training, and regulatory compliance. By leveraging these key attributes and our extensive experience, we help our clients achieve reduce operational costs, decrease delinquencies, drive revenue growth, and improve overall results for their bottom line, all while enhancing the customer experience.

With years of experience working with guarantors, Federal agencies and a wide range of educational institutions including but not limited to public schools, community colleges, multi-campus statewide systems, private universities, and technical schools, TSI is uniquely positioned to surpass customer care expectations, and optimize service and recovery expectations. We have the expertise to assist public-sector clients without requiring significant investments in staffing, technology, operations, or excessive time commitments.

Federal Government, Municipalities and Higher Education

Customer Care ​

TSI recognizes that customer satisfaction and performance are critical components of successful outsourcing partnerships. Maintaining a positive reputation and protecting our clients’ brand is essential aspects of our business relationships. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, TSI helps our clients increase customer loyalty.

The experience during the first point of contact (the first impression is the lasting impression) sets the stage for a successful resolution strategy. We offer solutions that simplify what can be a daunting experience for clients and customers alike. Focused on one call resolution, our goal is to have every interaction be a great customer experience. 

Third Party Receivables Management Services ​

Recovering public-sector and education delinquencies has been TSI’s focus from the very beginning – that’s 50 years of specialization.   We understand the unique nuances of each program and tailor our treatment strategies accordingly.

Achieved through innovative analytics, powerful workflow technology, portfolio analysis and scoring, and dynamic customer contact strategies with omni-channel communications, we provide an exceptional customer experience with best-in-class resolution rates

Our teams leverage specialized debt training, tools, and processes, while adhering to federal, state, and local regulations and their client’s brand. TSI’s experienced leadership team and program management prioritize a compassionate approach to collections while maximizing recoveries and protecting our client’s reputation.

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Tolling and Transportation Authorities

Customer Service Center Support ​

TSI offers best-in-class call center solutions and customer care services that save toll authorities from having to make substantial investments in staffing, technology, operations, and saving on valuable time. We understand that every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to provide a resolution and deliver exceptional customer service. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that each touchpoint with a customer leaves a positive and lasting impression.

Third Party Collection Services ​

We operate with a client-centric approach that focuses on maximizing ROI rates using proven, compliant, secure, and respectful practices. We understand that reducing “revenue leakage” is essential, and we educate customers on options available to avoid further consequences such as pre-payment and securing applicable transponders.

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Health Services Agencies (State and Federal Agencies)

Customer Service ​

TSI recognizes that member satisfaction and performance are key components of successful outsourcing partnerships. Maintaining a positive reputation and protecting our clients’ brands are critical aspects of our business relationships. By prioritizing member satisfaction, TSI helps our clients build loyal and satisfied members, leading to long-term growth and success.

The first point of contact with the member is critical to both their experience and impression of your organization’s brand. At TSI, we offer customer service solutions that simplify what can be a daunting experience for State/Federal agencies and their members alike. We help members with inquiries, and enrollment needs, with the goal of one call resolution and member satisfaction. By streamlining the member’s experience, we can help improve revenue retention and enhance the reputation of our clients.

Back Office Support​

Efficiency is the engine behind great results. Fueled by secure, energy-efficient, redundant operating centers around the globe and fault-tolerant technology, we customize solutions that drive better business outcomes and empower financial success.

Utilizing business analytics and modeling, RPA, AI and robust QA, we provide a range of administrative and operational tasks that are necessary for running a business or organization but do not involve direct customer-facing interactions.

The benefits of outsourcing your back-office support services to TSI include cost savings, increased efficiency, access to specialized expertise, technology, and the ability to scale up or down as needed.

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