Customer Success Story

Empowering West Coast Utility: Innovative Low-income Program Outreach

In the sun-kissed landscape of the West Coast, a prominent utility company faced a unique challenge. The regulatory commission required them to notify eligible customers about a crucial low-income program, but a web of restrictions made this task incredibly complex. Enter an ingenious solution that not only solved the problem but also enhanced customer engagement and awareness. This blind case study explores the journey of this West Coast Utility Company as they partnered with a strategic ally to meet their strategic need.

The Challenge

The utility company found itself ensnared in a web of regulations that prohibited direct contact with customers via voice on their cell phones. This posed a significant hurdle in effectively notifying eligible customers about the low-income program. The challenge didn’t stop there; they also desired to increase awareness of this program, making it accessible to those who needed it most.

The Solution

To tackle these multifaceted challenges, the West Coast Utility Company sought the expertise of TSI, a trusted partner with a track record of creative problem-solving. The solution devised was ingenious in its simplicity and effectiveness.

  • Data Filtering: Each month, TSI received a file containing approximately 100,000 accounts from the utility company. This data was meticulously filtered, sorting accounts based on the type of phone number they had. Those with cell phones were earmarked for a text message, while those with landlines were designated for a voice message.
  • Outreach Campaign: Over a two-day period, TSI executed a meticulously planned outbound notification campaign. The timing and content were crafted to ensure maximum engagement and response from the customers.

Text Opt-Out Management: Partnering with SoundBite, TSI implemented a seamless text opt-out process. Customers who wished to discontinue receiving texts could do so effortlessly, ensuring compliance with all customer preferences and regulatory guidelines.

The Results

The impact of this innovative approach was profound, and the results spoke volumes:

  • Regulatory Compliance: The utility company was able to maintain strict compliance with regulatory guidelines, safeguarding its reputation and financial stability.
  • Alternative Communication Channels: By employing a multi-channel approach, the utility company effectively communicated with its diverse customer base, ensuring that no one was left uninformed.
  • Increased Awareness: The outreach campaign didn’t just notify customers; it also raised awareness about the low-income program, making it accessible to those who needed it most.

This innovative solution demonstrated that, with strategic thinking and the right partners, even the most formidable challenges can be turned into opportunities for growth and customer satisfaction. The West Coast Utility Company’s journey serves as a shining example of how adaptability and creativity can lead to success in an ever-evolving industry.

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