Why TSI?

Why TSI?

Lifetime customer relationships.

Lifetime customer value.

As all organizations have learned, it takes a tremendous amount time, effort and resources to acquire a new customer, member, or  patient, and even more costly to lose them. This is why many of our clients focus on the lifetime value of, and a lifetime relationship with, their customers, members, or patients.

And this is why we are so driven to reinforce and nurture the relationships you’ve built with your customers. Providing TSI’s top quality, relationship-oriented service on your behalf improves your ability to sustain the customer relationship, even when conversations revolve around recovering debt.

A Client First Approach

We make your problems, our problems. We anticipate issues and come to you with ideas and solutions. Our client-first approach is one of the reasons clients consistently rank TSI at the top of their partner scoring systems, and we have numerous tenured partnerships dating back over 20 years.

Leadership at Scale

TSI is the largest accounts receivables management company in the U.S. and one of the largest in Canada, and also one of the largest providers of customer care and loan servicing, healthcare revenue cycle management and business process outsourcing. We have the resources you need and the scale to support you as you grow.

Digital solutions of the future, available today

We are shaping the future of digital and omnichannel collections and communications with the solutions we’re using on behalf of our clients today. Our digital approach fuels the efficiency of our teams, improving customer experiences and client outcomes while lowering compliance risk and customer complaints.

Advanced, proprietary analytics

Our proprietary collection analytics use objective criteria to identify accounts with the highest statistical probability of liquidating. Allowing us to focus time and resources on the accounts that will provide the fastest path to revenue, at a lower overall cost.

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