Financial Services

Committed to helping our clients increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, while protecting their brand and reputation, TSI has over 50 years’ experience providing outsourced programs to the banking and financial services industry.  As a trusted, strategic partner, our experience spans across the customer lifecycle.  Our expertise is diverse in support of multiple loan classes including secured and unsecured loans, personal loans, auto finance, mortgage, student loans, credit cards, and Fintech business (B2B).

Leveraging omni-channel communications, we bring highly rated performance levels, an outstanding reputation in the industry, robust data security standards, advanced technology, training and regulatory compliance. Utilizing these key attributes and experience, with a focus on customer experience, TSI can help our financial service partners reduce operational costs, retain valuable customers, reduce delinquencies, drive revenue growth, and maximize overall results.

Customer Care

TSI recognizes that customer satisfaction and performance are critical components of successful outsourcing partnerships. Maintaining a positive reputation and protecting our clients’ brand is an essential aspect of our business relationships. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, TSI helps our clients increase customer loyalty.

The experience during the first point of contact (first impression is the lasting impression) sets the stage for a successful resolution strategy. We offer solutions that simplify what can be a daunting experience for clients and customers alike. Focused on one call resolution, our goal is to have every interaction be a great customer experience.

Back Office Support

Efficiency is the engine behind great results. Fueled by secure, energy-efficient, fully redundant operating centers around the globe with fault-tolerant technology, we customize solutions that drive better business outcomes and empower financial success.

Utilizing business analytics and modeling, RPA, AI and robust QA, we provide a range of administrative and operational tasks that are necessary for running a business or organization but do not involve direct customer-facing interactions.

The benefits of outsourcing your back-office support services to TSI include cost savings, increased efficiency, access to specialized expertise, technology, and the ability to scale up or down as needed.

Early-Stage Receivables Management

With every interaction TSI treats your customers with the highest level of courtesy and respect. Our early-stage ARM solutions are designed to ensure inquiries are answered efficiently and professionally, while our advanced escalation protocols help ensure that customer inquiries are handled with the utmost urgency. We offer customers digital technology and omni-channel communication methods (web portal, chat, email, text) to resolve their account issues. 

Our best-in-class quality assurance process and award-winning training programs ensure we deliver on our service level commitments. In addition, our reporting and analytics tools provide a comprehensive view of customer interactions, allowing our clients to gain a better understanding of their customer base and make informed decisions about their customer service strategy.

3rd Party Receivables Management

As the largest receivables management company in the US with a global footprint, we are an ultra-compliant recovery agency, maintaining licenses in all required states. Our approach to receivables management recovery is based in respect for customer dignity while utilizing all possible tools and technology to optimize performance.

With innovative analytics, powerful workflow technology, dynamic customer contact strategies and omni-channel communications, we offer the best possible account resolution options for your customers.

Our dedicated Audit and Compliance and award-winning training team ensures that all TSI solutions adhere to federal, state, and local regulations, protecting the brand of both our clients and TSI.

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