Customer Success Story

Reigniting The Power: A Southwest Electric Company’s Journey To Notify 40,000 Customers

In the sweltering heat of a blistering summer, a Southwest Electric Company found itself facing a formidable challenge. The company had taken the compassionate step of suspending service disconnections during high-temperature emergencies, prioritizing customer welfare. However, as the heatwave began to relent, the time had come to reinstate the disconnect process. Their strategic need was clear: to notify 40,000 customers of this impending change promptly.

The Challenge

This Southwest Electric Company had the internal capability to carry out automated outbound notifications. Still, their existing resources were not equipped to meet the urgency of the situation. Time was of the essence, as customers needed to be informed swiftly to prepare for the reinstated disconnection process. The company’s internal systems, despite their capabilities, could not keep up with the necessary timeframe, threatening the seamless execution of their plan.

The Solution

The call for assistance reached TSI, a company renowned for its responsiveness and expertise in addressing communication challenges promptly. Within a mere two business days of receiving the notification, TSI sprang into action. The goal was clear: to reach out to all 40,000 accounts swiftly and efficiently, ensuring that each customer was well-informed about the resumption of the disconnect process.

TSI harnessed its technological prowess and skilled workforce to craft a tailored solution. The company’s experts designed a highly efficient outbound calling campaign that would not only reach all 40,000 customers but also deliver the message clearly and compassionately. TSI’s approach blended automation with human touch, ensuring that customers received the vital information they needed without delay.

The Results

The outcomes of TSI’s intervention were nothing short of remarkable. Thanks to their rapid response and efficient execution, the Southwest Electric Company was able to achieve several critical results:

Timely Notifications: TSI’s lightning-fast outbound calling campaign ensured that all 40,000 customers were promptly informed about the reinstatement of the disconnect process.

  • Partial Debt Recovery: As a direct consequence of TSI’s efforts, the Southwest Electric Company was able to collect a portion of the past-due amounts from customers who had fallen behind on their payments. This unexpected windfall was a welcomed boost to the company’s financial stability.
  • Seamless Resumption: With customers well-prepared for the resumption of the disconnect process, the Southwest Electric Company was able to resume its normal operations smoothly and without major disruptions.

In retrospect, this case study underscores the critical importance of responsive communication and tailored solutions in the utility industry. TSI’s swift action not only ensured that customers were well-informed but also contributed to the financial well-being of the Southwest Electric Company. This partnership serves as a shining example of how strategic communication can transform challenges into opportunities and fortify relationships with customers in times of change and uncertainty.

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