Customer Success Story

Maximizing Efficiency And Collections For A Major Utility Company

Our client, a venerable energy company founded in 1881, serves 1.6 million electric and 485,000 natural gas customers across a vast service area in Pennsylvania. TSI has been a trusted partner to this major utility company since 1998, providing a wide range of financial care and back-office services. Over the years, our collaboration has evolved, and we have continually delivered innovative solutions to address the client’s challenges and drive improvements.

The Challenge

Throughout our partnership, the client faced several challenges. They were under close scrutiny to prevent regulatory violations and sought to reduce average handle times (AHT). Additionally, they desired measurable improvements, especially in increasing collections. These challenges prompted the client to turn to TSI for data-driven solutions.

The Solution

TSI deployed innovative tools and strategies to meet the client’s challenges effectively:

  • Systems Integrator Tool: TSI introduced the Systems Integrator tool, a proprietary technology that streamlined operations at the agent level. This tool efficiently combined data from multiple systems into a single agent interface, eliminating the need for agents to view multiple screens. The result was a remarkable 30 to 40 second reduction in agent handle times, significantly decreasing human errors and regulatory complaints. Furthermore, TSI developed comprehensive training programs on regulatory compliance, benefitting both our agent training efforts and the client’s internal training programs.
  • Why Customers Call (WCC) Tracking Tool: In response to the client’s request for measurable improvements, TSI implemented the WCC tracking tool. This tool analyzed repeat caller data to identify call drivers. Armed with this data, TSI and the client refined operational processes to enhance first-call resolution. For example, it was discovered that many repeat calls were due to the inability to process payments through agents. Adjusting operational processes to enable payment processing through agents led to a significant increase in first-call resolution. TSI also leveraged call pattern data to help the client optimize its IVR system, directing call volume to agents for optimal resolution. These enhancements resulted in an impressive $25 million increase in collections over the last year.

The Results

TSI’s innovative solutions and commitment to excellence yielded remarkable results for our client:

  • A $25 million increase in collections over the last year, demonstrating our ability to drive financial outcomes.
  • A substantial reduction of 30 to 40 seconds in agent handle times, significantly improving operational efficiency and reducing regulatory complaints.
  • Enhanced first-call resolution, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and reduced repeat calls.
  • Optimization of the IVR system, leading to more effective self-service options for customers and improved call routing for prompt issue resolution.


Our partnership with this major utility company has been characterized by strong collaboration and a commitment to delivering value. We understand the importance of the client’s mission, which extends beyond their bottom line to the public trust and the communities they serve. TSI remains dedicated to optimizing financial results while safeguarding the client’s brand and reputation. Through open communication, insightful business intelligence, and a collaborative approach, we have supported the client through internal management changes and remained a strategic, relevant partner. Together, we continue to navigate challenges and drive success in the ever-evolving landscape of the utility industry.

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