Customer Success Story

Overwhelming Employee Enthusiasm In Contact Center Outsourcing For A Large Utility Company

A leading utility company, with a vast customer base spanning multiple regions, was contemplating changing their contact center operations outsource partner due to service level and customer experience challenges. One of the primary concerns was the transition to new customer service agents with a new partner and whether existing employees would be willing to transition to the new vendor.

The Challenge

The utility company had a dedicated and experienced team of contact center employees. The challenge was ensuring that these employees felt valued and secure in the transition process and were willing to be rebadged to the new vendor, TSI.

The Solution

  • Transparent Communication: From the outset, TSI and the utility company prioritized open and transparent communication. Town hall meetings were organized to address employee concerns, explain the reasons behind the transition, and outline the benefits of joining TSI.
  • Engagement Workshops: TSI organized a series of engagement workshops where employees could learn more about TSI’s culture, values, and growth opportunities. This helped in alleviating fears and building trust.
  • Career Pathing: TSI provided clear career pathing opportunities for the transitioning employees, ensuring they saw a bright future ahead.
  • Benefits & Compensation: TSI ensured that the rebadging process would not negatively impact the employees’ existing compensation and benefits. In fact, additional perks and benefits were introduced to make the transition more appealing.
  • Feedback Channels: Dedicated channels were set up for employees to voice their concerns, provide feedback, and seek clarifications throughout the transition process.

The Results

The efforts bore fruit as a staggering 95% of the utility company’s contact center employees expressed eagerness to be rebadged to TSI. The transition was not only smooth for the client but also for the employees, who felt valued, secure, and optimistic about their future with TSI.


The success of an outsourcing transition isn’t just measured by operational metrics but also by the human element involved. Ensuring that employees feel valued, secure, and optimistic about the future is crucial. This case study underscores the importance of employee engagement and transparent communication in achieving a truly seamless transition.

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