Talent Development Service Profile​

TSI’s acclaimed Talent Development & Training division consists of Design and Content Development teams, as well as Knowledge Management Teams. These teams collaborate closely with clients to craft inventive and budget-friendly learning initiatives that deliver tangible improvements in performance, earning recognition and awards along the way.

We begin by establishing a detailed understanding of our clients’ needs and objectives to create solutions that are strategically aligned with our clients’ goals. Whether they prefer to provide their own content, or they would like our support in drafting content, we will partner with them to design cost-effective, interactive and engaging learning experiences that resonate with the learner.

Our Design and Content Development have vast industry experience to help clients develop the custom content and learning materials needed to ensure success. Specialized team members are experts in content drafting, course curation, instructional design, digital learning experience creation, and video production.

Our outcome-driven learning solutions are built using master instructional design and adult learning principles, ensuring applied comprehension and meaningful learning. Each client’s learning experience is built with custom blend of modalities; from videos and animations to interactive gamification and knowledge-validating assessments.

We provide continuous support to our clients, from the initial development strategy to the implementation of the learning solution. After the launch of the learning solution, we measure success using an ecosystem of evaluation models including assessment scores, learner surveys, behavior change metrics and the ongoing monitoring of business results. This process ensures that the delivered content meets the highest standards, and exceeds our clients’ expectations.

The TSI Talent Development Team Is...

Diverse & Inclusive​

With leaders and team members residing in 5 countries, the Talent Development team views its diversity and equity as its greatest strength.


Composed of driven individuals with unique areas of expertise, the Talent Development team service every one of our verticals.


A shared services team that is a strategic business partner for each department across the full business enterprise and all of TSI’s clients

A Flexible, Scalable Blended
Training Methodology

The Talent Development and Training Team delivers a comprehensive digital learning experience that incorporates:

TSI’s Training Programs:

Allow the training to meet the needs of the learner instead of the learner meeting the needs of the trainer.

The Source of Information

Form a learning ecosystem with proprietary knowledge-based repository, The Source of Information.

Are flexible and scalable for the growing organization.

Empower a diverse and skilled group of facilitators to deliver consistent, quality training regardless of where they are on the world.

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