Accounts Receivable Management

TSI offers a distinctive approach to receivables management by combining cost-effective solutions spanning from early-stage “first-party” through Out-of -Statute specialty programs with our extensive experience as a prominent third-party receivables management company.

While increasing revenue and recovery is the fundamental core of our business, we understand the importance of cultivating a positive experience. We are laser-focused on good faith performance, with revenue and customer satisfaction closely balanced. At TSI, professionalism and quality of service are paramount.

We have a proven track record of success for clients in the communications, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, property management, retail, travel/hospitality, and utility industries. Deployed with world class employees across the globe, trained by our award-winning training department, and supported by our redundant, fault tolerant technology, our teams have in-depth knowledge and experience in your industry.

We Have the Talent: It’s Sets our People Apart

Our people are our competitive advantage and our greatest asset. Through award winning programs, Talent and Development is designed to provide foundational knowledge and skills in compliance, AR technology and effective call handling skills.

We are Focused: Proprietary Predictive Analytics

We are the leading provider of proprietary collection analytics. CollectX leverages state-of-the-art SAS technology, statistical techniques and algorithms, and our unique set of collections data to determine propensity to pay, to improve recoveries by focusing resources on accounts that have the highest statistical probability of liquidating.


With a strong commitment to compliance, data security, infrastructure and processes we protect your data and your brand. Our foundational compliance focus minimizes legal, regulatory, and reputational risk. We have the people and processes in place to deliver a fully compliant environment.

We Are Flexible: A Geographic Presence Where You Need It

With offshore, nearshore, domestic sites and Work at Home solutions, we have multiple global options ready to deliver results, along with the ability to scale and grow rapidly.

Compliance & Data Security

Compliance & Data Security Compliance as well as Information Security are strategic focus areas to TSI. Compliance and Information Security is embedded in our culture, in our DNA, and we have a track record of maintaining the industry’s highest standards of both.

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