Transforming Accounts Receivable Management For A State Revenue Agency

This case study focuses on TSI’s partnership with a State Revenue Agency responsible for administering the state’s tax code. The agency collects approximately $80M annually and has been a TSI client since 1992. The client faced challenges in providing satisfactory customer services to taxpayers, requiring a proactive collections approach and assistance with their call center.

Optimizing Debt Recovery For A Large Federal Agency

This case study sheds light on the collaboration between TSI and the governmental agency. Since 1993, TSI has continuously provided debt recovery services for this agency. TSI’s role encompasses debt recovery n delinquent credit card accounts, aiding in financial management and assisting customers in resolving outstanding balances.

Elevating Membership & Revenue for the World’s Largest Museum

The case study delves into the strategies and results achieved to enhance membership and revenue for the world’s largest museum. The primary objectives were to annually grow membership, improve acquisition program Return on Investment (ROI), attract potential long-term donors, and educate prospects on the need for funding to supplement basic operational costs.

Enhancing Debt Collection Efficiency For A Federal Agency

This case study focuses on TSI collaboration with the principal agency of the United States government responsible for safeguarding the nation’s health and providing critical human services. TSI has been a vital partner since September 2007, functioning as a subcontractor with an investment in performance and efficiency.

Enhancing Recoveries For A City Revenue Department Via Collectx

This case study focuses on TSI’s collaboration with a large city revenue department showcasing the impact of CollectX, a proprietary data analytics platform. CollectX played a pivotal role in transforming the revenue department’s liquidation rates and collection approach , specifically targeting nuisance liens and fire & rescue accounts. The average account balance for this engagement was $814, presenting unique collection challenges.

Optimizing Tolling Operations Through Consultative Delinquency Management

This case study revolves around TSI’s collaboration with one of North America’s largest transportation networks, a partnership dating back to 2005. The client faced challenges in tolling operations, including a high percentage of accounts lacking phone numbers and a low average balance. TSI was tasked as a recovery partner, providing professional ARM services and an expert workforce to manage large volumes of accounts efficiently.

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