Customer Success Story

Transforming Accounts Receivable Management For A State Revenue Agency

This case study focuses on TSI’s partnership with a State Revenue Agency responsible for administering the state’s tax code. The agency collects approximately $80M annually and has been a TSI client since 1992. The client faced challenges in providing satisfactory customer services to taxpayers, requiring a proactive collections approach and assistance with their call center.

The Challenge

  • Customer Service Limitations: The State Revenue Agency grappled with providing satisfactory customer services to taxpayers. The lack of efficient customer service hindered their ability to effectively manage tax collections, resulting in delays and frustrations for taxpayers.
  • Proactive Collections Approach:  Recognizing the need for a proactive recovery approach was crucial in enhancing revenue recovery and reducing the mounting accounts receivable balances. The agency needed to transition from a reactive to a proactive stance to optimize debt collections.

The Approach

  • Establishment of a Dedicated Call Center: TSI implemented a specialized call center, strategically staffed with a team of 35+ members dedicated to providing enhanced customer service to taxpayers. This call center played a pivotal role in addressing taxpayer inquiries promptly, facilitating recovery activities, and creating a positive engagement experience.
  • Back Office Optimization: TSI embarked on a comprehensive optimization of the back-office operations. This involved streamlining processes and workflows, integrating technological solutions, and enhancing overall efficiency. The focus was on maximizing revenue recovery from delinquent taxes by improving operational effectiveness.
    • Technological Integration: Implementing advanced software solutions to streamline data processing, automate routine tasks, and enhance data accuracy, thus optimizing back-office functions.
    • Process Streamlining: Analyzing and optimizing processes to minimize redundancy, reduce bottlenecks, and enhance the overall speed and efficiency of recoveries and back-office operations.

    • Skill Development and Training: Training the workforce to adapt to the changes brought about by technological integration and process streamlining, ensuring optimal utilization of the upgraded systems

The Results

  • Enhanced Revenue Collections: The implementation of a proactive recovery approach yielded substantial results. TSI successfully recovered approximately 45% of all delinquent taxes, showcasing the effectiveness of a proactive stance in revenue recovery for the State Revenue Agency.
  • Effective Call Handling and Customer Service: Over the last four years, TSI managed a staggering volume of over 1.2 million telephone calls. This demonstrated efficient handling of taxpayer inquiries, showcasing an enhanced level of customer service that bolstered the agency’s image and improved taxpayer relations.
  • Significant Reduction in Accounts Receivable: The proactive recovery efforts and the optimized back-office operations led to an impressive 24% reduction in the client’s accounts receivable balance over the last four years. This reduction is a testament to the effectiveness of the proactive approach and operational enhancements.


The transformation instigated by TSI in accounts receivable management not only bolstered revenue recovery but also significantly elevated the agency’s ability to deliver superior customer service to taxpayers. This case study underscores the critical role of proactive collections approaches and optimized back-office operations in maximizing revenue and enhancing customer service within government agencies tasked with tax collection. The synergy of proactive strategies and streamlined operations holds the key to effective revenue management in the public sector.

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