Customer Success Story

Optimizing Tolling Operations Through Consultative Delinquency Management

This case study revolves around TSI’s collaboration with one of North America’s largest transportation networks, a partnership dating back to 2005. The client faced challenges in tolling operations, including a high percentage of accounts lacking phone numbers and a low average balance. TSI was tasked as a recovery partner, providing professional ARM services and an expert workforce to manage large volumes of accounts efficiently.

The Challenge

  • Recovery Rate Enhancement: The client faced the challenge of improving recovery rates for their 30-day old business while streamlining their internal accounts receivable efforts to work on a broader spectrum of accounts.
  • Efficiency and Time Management: The client needed assistance in freeing up internal staff time by effectively managing reminders and follow-ups for commercial customers with past-due invoices.

The Solution

  • Customized Solution Development: TSI customized a first-party solution that allowed the client to increase recovery rates for outstanding invoices within the 30-60 day range, effectively relieving the burden on internal resources.
  • Progressive Expansion of Services: Initially began by assisting with 30-day old business, and upon proven results, expanded the program to cover 30-60 day past-due business. Subsequently, extended the service to work on all of the client’s 0-60 day business, illustrating adaptability and evolving partnership.
  • Transparent Partnership and Reporting: Fostered a true partnership by maintaining a close relationship with the client, ensuring daily reporting of results and feedback. Transworld’s flexibility and consistent positive results reinforced the partnership’s growth and reliability.

The Results

The first-party solution delivered significant results for the client, showcasing the effectiveness of this collaborative approach:

  • Substantial Payments Resolved: Approximately $16 million worth of payments were resolved in the 0-60 day category each month, significantly reducing outstanding receivables.
  • Improved Recovery Rate: The recovery rate saw a notable improvement, rising from 77% to an impressive 82%, illustrating the success of the tailored first-party approach.
  • Exceeded Client Expectations:  Transworld Systems surpassed the client’s right party contact requirements and achieved approximately 80% resolution on all accounts sent by the client monthly.


By leveraging Transworld Systems for first-party work, the client effectively reduced the number of receivables requiring collection efforts, streamlined internal operations, and achieved significant improvements in recovery rates, showcasing the efficacy of this collaborative approach.

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