Customer Success Story

Enhancing Recoveries For A City Revenue Department Via Collectx

This case study focuses on TSI’s collaboration with a large city revenue department showcasing the impact of CollectX, a proprietary data analytics platform. CollectX played a pivotal role in transforming the revenue department’s liquidation rates and collection approach , specifically targeting nuisance liens and fire & rescue accounts. The average account balance for this engagement was $814, presenting unique collection challenges.

The Challenge

  • Limited Phone Numbers: The revenue department faced the issue of limited phone numbers available for contact, hindering the collections process.
  • Account Specifics (Nuisance Liens and Fire & Rescue Accounts): Managing nuisance liens and fire & rescue accounts required a nuanced approach due to their unique nature and potential impact on the property and its owners.
  • Property-Linked Liens: Liens were linked to the property, not the property owner, making it essential to navigate the process of setting up payments for new property owners or renters.

The Solution

  • Implementation of CollectX: TSI introduced CollectX, a powerful data analytics platform, to optimize the collections process. CollectX was utilized to identify the most liquid accounts and tailor collections activity accordingly.
  • Enhanced Skip Tracing Strategies: TSI improved skip tracing strategies to locate alternate phone numbers and contact information, compensating for the limited phone numbers initially provided..
  • Focused Recoveries on Specific Account Types:  The account recopvery approach was adapted to target nuisance liens and fire & rescue accounts, employing a customized strategy to address the nuances of each account type effectively.

The Results

Improved Liquidation Rate: Utilizing TSI’s proprietary data analytics platform, CollectX, the client’s 12-month liquidation rate witnessed a remarkable increase of 102.0%, further validating the effectiveness of the data-driven strategies implemented. To visually represent this improvement, the liquidation graphic below illustrates the transformation from the pre-CollectX phase to the post-CollectX phase.


CollectX’s intervention facilitated a more efficient collections process, leading to enhanced revenue recovery and a streamlined approach to managing nuisance liens and fire & rescue accounts. This case study emphasizes the potential of leveraging advanced data analytics platforms like CollectX in the public sector to achieve substantial improvements in debt collection and liquidation rates.

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