Travel / Hospitality

Whether your company works within the Hotel, Airline, Rental Car, Transportation Services or Global Attractions markets, our 50 year award-winning history differentiates us as an experienced strategic partner in Customer Experience within the BPO realm. Our customized solutions are anticipatory in nature, thus providing a portfolio of strategic solutions, creating a true partnership from day one. The tenure of our agents coupled with consistent training and education metrics, drives a high level of engagement. TSI’s solutions are affordable, customizable and scalable to help you increase customer loyalty and retention. Our omni-channel communication methods are convenient for both you and your customers, allowing you to optimize customer acquisition while we focus on the day to day needs and your workforce management opportunities. We continue to be a leader in innovation, providing solutions for a vast number of challenges in today’s fast paced business world. TSI’s onshore, nearshore, and offshore global presence, combined with our artificial Intelligence capabilities and secure data storage, provide you with everything you need to ensure your focus is where it needs to be.

Accommodations/ Hospitality (Hotels & Resorts)

Providing solutions to your hospitality company’s needs, TSI delivers a multitude of offerings for an engaging customer experience- no matter how big or small. We also have the capability to help each property succeed in overcoming their individual challenges ranging from technology to monitoring customer feedback.

Travel & Airlines (Car Rental, Uber/Lyft, Airlines)

We provide around the clock services and solutions to get your customers the answers they need when they need them. Our agents focus on finding the solutions your customers need while working internally to streamline the current processes, allowing you and your team to focus on everything else.

Meetings & Events (Restaurants & Bars, Gaming Establishments, Online Travel Agencies, Music/Sporting Events)

From a late night dinner reservation to the next greatest concert or event, we are there to help get the answers to any questions that may be asked. While focusing on the customer is of utmost importance, we also have solutions to assist your internal teams – ensuring memorable experiences for the customer and making it easier on your staff.

Attractions (Theme Parks)

If your customers are trying to buy tickets, get answers to a membership question OR if you need assistance in managing your workforce and support, we have the team and the tools in place for the solutions you need.

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