Customer Success Story

Unlocking Success: TSI’s Partnership With A Major Wireless Provider To Provide Spanish Customer Support

In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, delivering exceptional customer service is paramount. For a major wireless provider, catering to their Spanish-speaking customer base was not just a priority, but a challenge they were determined to conquer. Enter TSI, a trusted partner in customer support solutions, who took up the mantle to provide unwavering support for the provider’s Spanish-language programs. From humble beginnings to stellar achievements, this case study unveils the journey of TSI’s collaboration with a major wireless provider, highlighting the challenges faced, the innovative solutions devised, and the impressive results achieved.

The Challenge

The major wireless provider faced a significant challenge in delivering seamless Spanish-language customer support. Their program encompassed a myriad of services, from customer retention and activations to billing, feature services, technical support, and hot line accounts. Initially, they had just 20 agents dedicated to this program. The provider was grappling with the need to scale their Spanish-language support while maintaining excellence in customer service. Furthermore, they sought a way to streamline their operations and reduce Average Handling Time (AHT) to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Solution

TSI stepped in as a trusted partner, bringing their expertise in customer support to the table. From their Panama City-Plaza Carolina facility, TSI assembled a team of highly skilled agents fluent in Spanish, ready to tackle the full spectrum of customer needs. What set TSI apart was their commitment to innovation. Recognizing the potential for efficiency improvement, TSI’s IT department initiated the development and deployment of a Graphic User Interface (GUI) over the client’s existing green-screen application.

The GUI revolutionized the support process, allowing agents to navigate through customer interactions with ease and speed. This tool not only enhanced agent productivity but also resulted in a remarkable 15% reduction in Average Handling Time. TSI’s strategic use of technology, combined with their dedication to Spanish-speaking customers, was the key to overcoming the challenge.

The Results

The collaboration between TSI and the major wireless provider bore fruit in several remarkable ways. Initially starting with just 20 agents, the program expanded to include more than 300 dedicated Spanish-speaking support agents. This exponential growth was a testament to TSI’s commitment to delivering top-notch customer support.

Furthermore, TSI’s unwavering dedication to excellence was recognized by the client when they awarded TSI the accolade for “Best Attendance” among all vendors. This achievement showcased TSI’s reliability and commitment to their partnership.

The most striking result, however, was the 15% reduction in Average Handling Time achieved through the innovative use of the Graphic User Interface (GUI). This translated into significant operational efficiency gains, faster issue resolution, and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction.

In summary, TSI’s partnership with the major wireless provider exemplifies how a strategic approach to customer support, coupled with innovative solutions, can drive remarkable results. Through their dedication to the Spanish-speaking customer base and their commitment to excellence, TSI unlocked a path to success for their partner in the telecommunications industry, setting new standards for customer support in the process.

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