Customer Success Story

TSI’s Journey as the Trusted Support Partner for the World’s Largest Leading ISP and Top Electronic Gaming Console

This case study outlines the longstanding partnership between TSI and a globally renowned ISP, delving into how TSI seamlessly extended its support to encompass the client’s electronic gaming consol. The collaboration highlights the challenges faced, the strategic approach adopted, and the remarkable results achieved in delivering Tier I and Tier II technical support, customer care, billing, inbound sales, and customer retention services.

The Challenge

  • Technical Support Excellence: Providing effective Tier I and Tier II technical support for both the world’s leading ISP and the electronic gaming console required expertise in addressing a broad range of complex technical issues while ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Connectivity and Retention Enhancement: Enhancing connectivity for customers and improving retention rates demanded innovative strategies, including skills-based routing and customer retention work deployed in a sales center, to boost save rates and overall retention.

The Approach

  • TSI leveraged its extensive experience and knowledge to address the challenges and create a comprehensive strategy for success:
  • Holistic Training and Development: Conducted quick and effective training programs to develop technical agents proficient in providing support for the ISP and gaming console, enhancing their problem-solving capabilities.
  • Innovative Customer Retention Strategies: Introduced customer retention work deployed in a sales center, resulting in a remarkable 50% improvement in save rates and reinforcing TSI’s position as the sole provider of customer retention services.
  • Skills-Based Routing for Enhanced Connectivity: Implemented a skills-based routing strategy, connecting customers facing connectivity issues with agents specialized in addressing such problems. This initiative led to a significant 20% increase in the overall retention rate within one month.

The Results

The collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives undertaken by TSI demonstrated significant accomplishments and benefits for the client:

  • Operational Excellence and Scalability: Recognized as the “Preferred Vendor” by the client, TSI demonstrated operational excellence by tripling the initial call volume in the first year, showcasing an ability to scale to the client’s needs effectively.
  • Leading Offshore Technical Support Provider: TSI’s Philippines location emerged as the leading provider of offshore technical support, further solidifying its position as a reliable support partner for the client.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience and Connectivity:  The implementation of skills-based routing enhanced connectivity for customers, leading to an impressive 20% increase in overall retention rates, reinforcing TSI’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer support.


This case study portrays how TSI’s strategic prowess, extensive expertise, and commitment to innovation empowered connectivity and enhanced customer experiences for the world’s leading ISP and top electronic gaming console, solidifying their position as a preferred support partner.

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