Customer Success Story

TSI’s Dynamic Partnership with a Leading Financial Service Provider

This case study delves into the enduring and prosperous partnership between TSI and a prominent Financial Services Provider. The collaboration began in over 20 years ago, focusing on customer acquisition initiatives and eventually expanding to encompass customer care and retention programs. The study highlights the challenges faced, TSI’s strategic approach, and the remarkable accomplishments achieved over the years.

The Challenge

  • Consistent and Reliable Outsourcing Partner: The client sought a trustworthy outsourcing partner with a defined strategic vision and a variety of site locations to meet its specific program goals.
  • Cost-Effective Operations: The client aimed to find facilities in a low-cost labor market to optimize operational expenses and improve cost-efficiency.
  • Program Scalability: As the partnership evolved, there was a need to scale the program, starting from a modest setup to a larger, more impactful operation to meet the growing demands of the client.

The Approach

  • Selection of Ideal Location: Central America was identified as the optimal location for the initial program, considering cost-effectiveness and availability of a skilled labor force.
  • Progressive Program Evolution: The partnership began with an outbound customer acquisition program and gradually transitioned to inbound acquisition. TSI consistently evolved and expanded its services to encompass customer care, customer retention, and other crucial initiatives.
  • Prioritized Quality: TSI maintained high quality throughout the engagement, achieving an average 90% quality score for the outbound program. The focus on quality was sustained across all program expansions.

The Results

The implemented strategies led to significant accomplishments and recognition:

  • Business Growth and Scalability: The program started with 26 agents, eventually scaling up to 160 agents, illustrating the success and willingness to adapt as a trusted business partner.
  • Remarkable Performance Metrics: The “save” rate for customer retention improved from 33.00% to 40.04% , and the “payment taken” rate increased from a 6.00% average to 18.56%, highlighting the efficacy of TSI’s approach.
  • Client Recognition and Awards:  TSI received several accolades, including Vendor of the Quarter, Vendor of the Year, and Best Outbound Quality Vendor, underscoring the exceptional service and impact of the partnership.           


This case study showcases TSI’s enduring partnership, successful evolution, and exceptional outcomes in supporting a leading Financial Services Provider, emphasizing TSI’s ability to drive growth and excellence throughout a dynamic and adaptive approach.

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