TSI’s Award Winning Learning and Knowledge Management Ecosystem

The IMPACT of a Strong Partnership with TSI’s Talent Development Team

The Challenge

TSI’s Talent Development Team was challenged by one of the organization’s largest clients with an opportunity to evaluate and renovate the client’s training collateral and delivery in a way that would quantifiably impact performance and operational excellence.

The Talent Development Team began by conducting a knowledge gap analysis to establish what was working and where learners were struggling to retain knowledge. This included evaluating quality trends and reviewing existing content and timing to identify opportunities for impactful enhancement.

Areas identified included:

  • Need to increase training on the key elements of a call
  • Insufficient of start-to-finish scenario-based activities for sticky learning
  • Inconsistency in up-to-date training materials and information control, need for a solid update implementation process

The Partnership’s Actions

The Talent Development Team began by restructuring the new hire training delivery schedule so that concepts were learned in a cumulative layered approach.

  • Content enhancements included:
  • New hands-on activities for applied kinesthetic learning
  • Scenario-based case studies to address retention gaps

On-demand reinforcement materials including quick reference guides and infographics to promote retention

The Team then partnered directly with the client to design and develop a knowledgebase repository that housed learning materials and resources to be accessed by employees at the speed of business.

This repository’s strict version control model ensures that the information being accessed is consistently current and accurate.

The Results

The positive impact of this partnership was swift and profound.
The client’s Agency Manager stated,“It’s amazing how impactful the training enhancements have been!” and “We can see the results of the training efforts in the QA scores.”

In the first quarter after the training and knowledge management enhancements, this client’s team experienced:

  • 21% reduction in Average Call Handle Time
  • 23% reduction in Average Hold Time
  • 32% increase in compliance and quality evaluations over 80%
  • 56% decrease in the number of compliance and quality fails

In addition, after the first 90 days, the team experienced:

  • 30% increase in agent tenure
  • 29% increase in successful graduates of new hire training

The client shared that TSI’s training developments inspired them to invest in content development and instructional design team of their own.

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