Customer Success Story

Transforming Customer Service Excellence: TSI’s Facilities Management Solution

In the ever-competitive world of logistics and package delivery, Leading Logistics & Package Delivery Company, a global industry leader, was facing a critical challenge. The client was struggling to maintain the high levels of quality and customer satisfaction it had built its reputation on, particularly at its San Antonio, Texas, and High Point, North Carolina facilities. Despite repeated internal efforts, the company found itself at a crossroads, where the quality of customer service was deteriorating, and the customer experience was in dire need of improvement. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the client turned to external partners for a solution.

The Challenge

Leading Logistics & Package Delivery Company was confronted with two main challenges:

  • Quality Deterioration: The company was witnessing a decline in the quality of service at its San Antonio and High Point facilities. This not only led to customer dissatisfaction but also posed a significant threat to its hard-earned reputation.
  • Customer Experience Enhancement: Beyond simply addressing the quality issue, the client aimed to provide an enhanced and seamless customer experience for all calls routed to these facilities.

The Solution

To meet these pressing challenges, the client sought the expertise of TSI, a seasoned provider of contact center management services. TSI presented a unique solution in the form of “Facilities Management.” This innovative approach hinged on TSI’s wealth of experience in contact center management, its expert management staff, and its ability to seamlessly integrate its business practices into the client’s existing contact center operations.

TSI’s comprehensive solution included:

  • Inbound Customer Service Support: TSI was tasked with taking over the operations of a 24x7x365 center in San Antonio, which encompassed 600 customer service representatives and 200 support personnel.
  • Collaborative Work Environment: TSI’s management team introduced a culture of collaboration within the workplace, fostering teamwork and employee engagement.
  • Staff Development Program: TSI implemented a robust staff development program, aimed at enhancing the skills and performance of employees. This was a crucial step in addressing the client’s primary concern – the quality of service.

The Results

The implementation of TSI’s Facilities Management Solution produced outstanding results:

  • Quality Turnaround: Through the meticulous implementation of development and training strategies, the San Antonio facility experienced a remarkable improvement in quality. Within a single year, it achieved one 3rd place, six 2nd place, and five 1st place rankings within the client’s facility network. This impressive achievement far exceeded the highest ranking attained in the preceding 12 months, which was 4th place.
  • Expansion and Success: As a testament to the success in San Antonio, TSI was entrusted with the management of another substantial client facility in High Point. Within just five months, TSI raised the quality score performance level of this 700-seat facility to 2nd place. Astoundingly, within the same timeframe, the High Point facility achieved its first-ever 1st place ranking in the client’s quality rankings.

In conclusion, TSI’s Facilities Management Solution proved to be a game-changer for Leading Logistics & Package Delivery Company. It not only revitalized the quality of service but also elevated the overall customer experience. This case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of strategic external partnerships, demonstrating how they can lead to remarkable turnarounds and exceptional results in the highly competitive world of logistics and package delivery.

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