Customer Success Story

Transforming Credit Risk Management

This case study explores how TSI, a consultative partner specializing in debt recovery and management services, successfully aided a client in revolutionizing credit risk management for their e-commerce ventures. The client sought to meet the burgeoning demands of online consumers in the new Internet economy by leveraging non-traditional, web-based credit risk technology tools. TSI’s expertise and innovative approach proved instrumental in designing and implementing decision engines, ultimately optimizing customer care, delinquency management, and bad debt recovery processes.

The Challenge

  • Identifying Creditwothiness: The client faced challenges in efficiently identifying and segregating online customers based on their creditworthiness, a crucial factor in managing financial services effectively.
  • Enhancing Efficiency and Data Analysis:  The need to enhance call center efficiency while improving data analysis capabilities for better client reporting and trend analyses posed a significant challenge.

The Approach

TSI employed a multi-faceted approach to address the challenges and meet the client’s strategic needs effectively:

  • Decision Engine Implementation: TSI designed and implemented decision engines tailored to each of the client’s e-commerce ventures, enabling efficient customer segmentation based on creditworthiness.
  • Customer Care Optimization: TSI integrated hot keys and advanced data analysis capabilities to boost call center representative efficiency by 20%, streamlining customer care processes.
  • Delinquency Management Strategies: TSI provided previously unavailable relational data, empowering the client with enhanced client reporting and trend analysis to optimize delinquency management.
  • Innovative Recovery Techniques: TSI introduced incentive programs and leveraged cutting-edge technology to aid bad debt recovery, resulting in $25 million in recoveries since 1989 and heightened customer satisfaction.

The Results

The implementation of TSI’s innovative solutions yielded remarkable results across various aspects of the client’s operations:

  • Customer Care: A 20% increase in call center representative efficiency through the implementation of hot keys and advanced data analysis capabilities.
  • Delinquency Management: Availability of previously unavailable relational data, significantly improving client reporting and trend analyses
  • Bad Debt Recovery:  Successful recovery of $25 million in bad debts since 1989, accompanied by increased customer satisfaction owing to innovative incentive programs.


This case study showcases how TSI’s strategic approach and pioneering solutions have revolutionized credit risk management for online financial ventures, empowering the client to efficiently navigate the dynamic landscape of the Internet economy.

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