Customer Success Story

Swift Response to Crisis: APAC’s Adaptive Mitigation Approach

This case study delves into a critical incident that unfolded when, a prominent financial institution, faced a significant security breach. In response to this crisis, the financial institution collaborated with APAC & TSI to rapidly address the situation by providing prompt support and minimizing potential damage to their customers and brand reputation. This case study outlines the challenges faced, the approach taken, and the remarkable results achieved through collaborative efforts.

The Challenge

  • Urgent Resource Requirement: The financial institution urgently needed to ramp up its customer support team to address the adverse event and security breach, aiming to reassure distressed customers and facilitate new card activations during the peak holiday season.
  • Real-Time Communication and Coordination: Ensuring seamless communication and coordination across eight different locations was a significant challenge, given the urgent need to respond promptly and effectively to the security breach.

The Approach

To address the challenges and provide a swift, coordinated response, APAC, TSI and the financial institution implemented a comprehensive strategy involving various key components:

  • Centralized Training Strategy: Collaborative training sessions and “Train the Trainer” facilitation to quickly equip Spanish and English speaking agents across eight locations.
  • Operational Collaboration: Establishing a dedicated core APAC team with open daily conference lines for real-time communication, coordination, and call flow management.
  • Daily Debriefs and Feedback Loops: TSI provided previously unavailable relational data, empowering the client with enhanced client reporting and trend analysis to optimize delinquency management.

The Results

The strategic collaboration and adaptive approach between APAC, TSI and the financial institutions led to several positive outcomes:

  • Cost-Effective Resource Management: APAC’s flexible “ramp and drop” staffing approach resulted in significant cost savings for the financial institution, efficiently adapting to varying call volumes.
  • Real-Time Quality Assurance: APAC’s use of call recording platforms and near-real-time monitoring ensured appropriate security and maintained high call quality, enhancing overall customer interactions.
  • Timely and Effective Customer Support:  The partnership successfully provided continuous customer support, alleviating customer concerns and facilitating new card activations during a critical period.


This case study demonstrates the power of collaboration and adaptability, showcasing how a swift and well-coordinated response can effectively mitigate a crisis and enhance customer satisfaction during challenging times.

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