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Revolutionizing Sales Channels: A Case Study in Wireless Carrier Expansion

A leading wireless carrier found itself at a crossroads in its pursuit of subscriber growth. Historically reliant on a nationwide chain of retail stores to drive sales, the carrier faced the financial burden of high overhead costs associated with its brick-and-mortar operations. In an industry where innovation and adaptability are paramount, the carrier sought alternative avenues for increasing its subscriber base while simultaneously reducing operational expenses. This case study explores how the carrier partnered with TSI, a dynamic customer engagement solution provider, to navigate these challenges and achieve unprecedented success in diversifying its sales channels.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for the wireless carrier was twofold. Firstly, it needed to reduce the significant operational costs associated with its retail stores while maintaining or even enhancing its subscriber acquisition and retention efforts. Secondly, it recognized the potential of alternative sales channels, such as telesales, but had only managed to generate a mere 2% of its sales through these channels. To thrive in a highly competitive market, the carrier needed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of its customer acquisition and support processes.

The Solution

Recognizing the carrier’s need for a transformative approach, TSI devised a comprehensive solution that revolutionized the company’s sales channels. TSI’s innovative approach included a blended sales offering that encompassed inbound and outbound customer acquisition, up-selling, and cross-selling. This approach leveraged the power of telesales, tapping into the potential of remote customer engagement to drive growth while minimizing overhead costs.

Key elements of TSI’s solution included:

  • Customized Sales Scripts: TSI collaborated closely with the wireless carrier to develop tailored sales scripts that resonated with customers and effectively communicated the carrier’s value propositions.
  • Quality Processes: Rigorous quality control processes were implemented to ensure the highest standards of customer interactions.
  • Technical Support Solution: TSI introduced a specialized technical support solution designed to cater to hearing-impaired customers, making it easier for them to pay bills and receive technical assistance. Custom Applications: TSI’s IT team created bespoke applications to track and optimize agent performance, providing valuable insights for ongoing improvement.

The Results

The collaboration between the wireless carrier and TSI yielded remarkable results, transforming the carrier’s business model and market position:

  • 60% Reduction in Call Center Cost per Unit: TSI’s innovative approach led to a substantial reduction in the cost of customer acquisition and support, driving down operational expenses significantly.
  • 300% Increase in Handset Sales: The carrier experienced a threefold increase in handset sales, highlighting the effectiveness of the telesales channel.
  • Telesales Channel Growth: From a meager 2%, the carrier now generates up to 20% of its sales through telesales channels, diversifying its revenue streams and reducing reliance on costly retail stores.
  • Benchmark for Outsourcing Providers: TSI’s collaboration extended beyond sales, influencing the carrier’s overall outsourcing strategy. The processes, training, and quality benchmarks established with TSI became the gold standard for all outsourcing providers.
  • Global Presence: Today, TSI operates with more than 3,000 agents across six call centers worldwide, serving as a testament to the enduring success of this partnership.
  • Client Recognition: TSI’s dedication and excellence were rewarded with the client’s Top Sales Vendor Awards year after year, underlining their pivotal role in the carrier’s growth story.

In conclusion, this case study showcases how a visionary partnership between a leading wireless carrier and TSI not only addressed operational challenges but also unlocked substantial growth opportunities. By embracing innovative sales channels and streamlining processes, the carrier not only reduced costs but also thrived in a competitive market, ultimately redefining the industry standard for customer engagement and sales strategies.

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