Customer Success Story

Revolutionizing Customer Satisfaction: A National Retail Company’s Post-call Survey Transformation

In the fiercely competitive landscape of national retail, customer satisfaction is paramount. A prominent National Retail Company (referred to as NRC) recognized this fact and embarked on a journey to enhance their customer care operations. The challenge at hand was clear: NRC needed to improve customer satisfaction rates by addressing the shortcomings of their existing email survey process. They sought a partnership with TSI that would provide inbound customer care, post-call surveys, and custom reporting services. This case study delves into how TSI tackled this challenge and the remarkable results they achieved.

The Challenge

NRC, like many national retailers, faced the daunting task of handling a high volume of customer inquiries and transactions. With a vast customer base, their call centers received an average of 4,500 voice contacts daily across two sites. NRC also required daily data feeds and comprehensive reporting that ranged from high-level insights to granular details to make informed decisions.

Prior to partnering with TSI, NRC relied on an ineffective email survey process that only reached a subset of their callers over an extended period. This process hindered their ability to capture timely feedback and respond to customer concerns promptly. A deeper issue lay in the high dissatisfaction rates, which averaged at a staggering 45%, as indicated by their internal metrics..

The Solution

NRC joined forces with a TSI, a seasoned partner to revamp their customer care operations. The partnership aimed to provide phone-based support for various customer queries, including website support, online ordering, photo orders, and pharmacy orders. A team of 250 agents was established across two sites, ready to tackle the daily influx of customer interactions.

As part of the comprehensive solution, NRC sought a way to capture immediate post-call survey results to gain real-time insights into customer satisfaction. To achieve this, the Customer Experience Management Platform (CXMP) was deployed. CXMP was integrated seamlessly with NRC’s existing call reporting systems, enabling the efficient collection of survey data. Notably, the implementation of CXMP was swift, with the entire program launched in under two weeks, showcasing the agility of the solution.

To meet the demands of the holiday season in the fourth quarter, NRC aimed to ramp up its workforce by 176% compared to the current capacity. This included a staggering 620% increase at one of their sites, demonstrating the scalability of the solution to handle peak periods.

The Results

The transformation brought about by the CXMP solution was nothing short of remarkable. Survey results were now captured immediately after each call, ensuring that all calls were included in the feedback process, compared to the incumbent email system, which reached only a fraction of callers over time.

Most significantly, the CXMP phone-based survey tracking revealed a substantial decrease in customer dissatisfaction rates. Since the program’s launch, average dissatisfaction rates plummeted from 45% to a mere 14%. This reduction was a testament to the effectiveness of the post-call survey solution in identifying and addressing customer concerns promptly.

NRC’s partnership with our team resulted in a significant improvement in customer satisfaction, making them more competitive in the challenging retail landscape. By adopting a comprehensive approach that included post-call surveys, NRC was able to transform their customer care operations and, in turn, their customer satisfaction rates, ultimately securing their position as a trusted and customer-centric national retail leader.

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