Customer Success Story

Reviving Response Rates: A Creative Turnaround For A Leading Direct Insurance Company

In the highly competitive landscape of the insurance industry, maintaining high response rates and a strong brand image is paramount. This case study delves into the journey of a leading direct insurance company, referred to as “Client,” which faced declining response rates and embarked on a quest to rejuvenate its marketing efforts. While not directly mentioning the company’s name, we will explore how a strategic partnership with TSI, an outsourced partner, delivered a creative solution that not only outperformed their chosen agency but also reinvigorated their brand messaging..

The Challenge

The Client had been grappling with declining response rates, a concern that signaled the need for a fresh creative approach. In response to this challenge, the Client initiated an agency review process to seek out new creative talents. However, TSI, their existing partner, was not selected as part of this review. Despite this setback, Protocol, a persuasive player in the creative industry, managed to convince the Client to give their creative services a shot. Skepticism loomed large as the Client provided little direction during the creative strategy process. The challenge was clear: TSI needed to breathe new life into the Client’s marketing efforts without the luxury of clear guidance.

The Solution

In the face of this challenge, TSI embarked on a mission to reinvigorate the Client’s marketing approach. The primary goal was to develop impactful mailings that not only reflected the Client’s brand image but also adhered to production cost parameters. The creative tone and positioning adopted by TSI were clean and straight-forward, with an emphasis on conveying a clear savings message to the target audience. TSI’s creative team presented three compelling concepts, two of which the Client decided to put to the test.

The Results

The outcomes of TSI’s efforts have been nothing short of remarkable:

  • Impressive Sales Volumes: TSI began handling an average of 100,000 hours per month in outbound membership product sales. This substantial increase in sales demonstrates the effectiveness of TSI’s sales strategies and capabilities.


The results of TSI’s creative overhaul were nothing short of remarkable. Both of the packages developed by TSI not only surpassed the work of the new agency chosen by the Client but also outshone five packages produced by the incumbent agency. Most significantly, one of TSI’s packages managed to beat the existing control, marking a significant turning point in the Client’s marketing strategy.

As a testament to the success of this partnership, the Client not only saw an immediate improvement in response rates but also continued to expand its relationship with Protocol. The synergy between the Client and TSI allowed for a creative renaissance that re-established the Client’s standing in the fiercely competitive insurance market.

In this case, the story serves as a reminder that, in the world of marketing, innovation and creativity can breathe new life into even the most challenging situations. It underscores the importance of selecting partners who can envision and execute creative solutions that stand out in the market, ultimately driving results and strengthening brand positioning.

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