Customer Success Story

Reviving Market Presence: A Breakthrough Strategy For A Major Insurance Company In The Northeast

A major insurance company in the Northeast, operating in Eastern and Western New York, faced a significant challenge. They aimed to increase their market share in the highly competitive small group healthcare market in their region. To achieve this, the insurance company needed to expand its customer base, communicate the value and cost-effectiveness of its services, and overcome the saturation of healthcare provider mailings during the fall rush. Additionally, they sought to create segmented marketing databases to pinpoint the most responsive market sectors while dispelling the perception that they were out of touch with the needs of small businesses.

The Challenge

The insurance company’s challenges were two-fold. Firstly, they needed a direct marketing program that would not only attract new customers but also stand out amid the deluge of healthcare-related mailings during the fall season. Secondly, they needed to redefine their market strategy by creating segmented marketing databases to identify their most receptive audience segments. Their ultimate goal was to break the notion that they were disconnected from the needs of small businesses in the region.

The Solution

To address these challenges, the insurance company partnered with TSI, an outsourced marketing partner with a proven track record in lead generation and direct marketing. TSI devised a comprehensive program based on three high-impact packages:

  • Greeting Card Sweepstakes: TSI created a compelling greeting card that included a sweepstakes offer to win a trip to Montreal. This eye-catching and engaging approach not only piqued the recipients’ interest but also incentivized them to explore the insurance company’s offerings.
  • Personalized Envelope: TSI designed a #12 oversized envelope containing a personalized letter, brochure, and Business Reply Card (BRC). The package also included an offer for a free massage. This tactile and personalized approach aimed to grab the attention of recipients and provide them with valuable information.
  • Tube Mailer: TSI crafted a tube mailer containing a letter, brochure, and a mini first-aid kit. The offer here was a full-size Office Emergency First-Aid Kit, appealing to the practical needs of potential customers.


All three packages were strategically followed up with teleservices calls within two weeks of the initial mailing, allowing for personalized interaction and addressing any queries or concerns.

The Results

The results of the TSI-led program were highly impressive:

Within the first two months, the program generated 1,300 face-to-face appointments, showcasing its effectiveness in engaging potential customers.

The insurance company gained 5,000 new members solely through TSI’s lead generation efforts. This represented half of their target of 10,000 new members, demonstrating the program’s significant impact.

In Summary

The collaboration between the insurance company and TSI not only revitalized their market presence but also contributed to their goal of expanding their customer base in the competitive small group healthcare market in Eastern and Western New York. Through innovative direct marketing strategies and personalized engagement, the insurance company successfully repositioned itself as a responsive and valuable healthcare partner for businesses in the region. This case study exemplifies how strategic marketing can drive impressive results, even in saturated markets.

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