Customer Success Story

Overcoming Challenges In Multilingual Customer Service Operations

In the competitive realm of customer service, the ultimate objective is the delivery of flawless care to customers. In the bustling region of Miro Batista, one customer service center embarked on a journey of transformation and growth. This case study uncovers the hurdles faced, the strategies employed, and the remarkable outcomes attained by this service center.

The Challenge

  • Limited Service Offering: Initially, the center was mainly focused on inbound customer care for pre and post booking reservations, which limited its competitive advantage.
  • Language Barriers: As the Center’s clientele grew more diverse, addressing customers in their native language became a paramount concern.
  • Managing Expanding Services: As the center broadened its services, managing the increased complexity without compromising on quality was a significant challenge.
  • Employee Retention: High attrition is a common issue in the customer service sector. Retaining skilled staff and maintaining a low attrition rate was a priority but also a challenge.

The Approach

  • Diversification of Services: Recognizing the evolving demands, the center expanded its offerings. This included the introduction of email and chat services, an escalation desk, sales services, and more
  • Multilingual Training: Investing in training programs, the center equipped its team to handle queries in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.
  • Strengthening Back Office: To seamlessly handle the amplified service portfolio, a robust back office was established. This included desks dedicated to ticketing, refunds, and corporate services.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Integration: To ensure consistently high service quality, an in-house QA team was introduced. This team played a crucial role in maintaining standards and driving continuous improvement.
  • Employee Welfare Initiatives: By fostering a positive work environment and implementing employee-centric policies, the center aimed to keep attrition at a minimum.

The Results

  • Impressive Sales Metrics: The center recorded a 20% sales conversion rate in 2012 and achieved $8.5 million in Call Center Sales, surpassing its target by 117%.
  • High Service Quality: Despite the expanded service portfolio, the center consistently scored over 92% in quality assessments.
  • Employee Retention: Through its dedicated efforts, the center achieved an attrition rate of under 3%, a commendable feat in the industry


This case underscores the importance of adaptability, continuous learning, and employee welfare in the customer service industry. The Miro Batista service center’s journey from confronting challenges to implementing robust solutions and achieving outstanding results serves as an inspirational model for businesses worldwide.

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