Customer Success Story

Optimizing Customer Service Efficiency for a Major Manufacturer

In a market flooded with millions of products, efficient and effective customer service is crucial for business success. One company faced a unique challenge – the recall of 25 models of their products, necessitating a rapid response and a significant increase in customer service capacity. With a small in-house customer service team, they needed an immediate solution to manage the surge in inquiries and uphold their customer service standards.

The Challenge

  • Product Recall and Surge in Inquiries: The recall of 25 product models led to a surge in customer inquiries, overwhelming the existing customer service team.
  • Limited In-House Customer Service Team: The company had a small in-house customer service team, making it difficult to handle the sudden increase in customer inquiries efficiently.
  • Immediate Need for Scalable Support:  There was an urgent requirement to scale up customer service capabilities to manage the high volume of calls effectively.

The Solution

The company implemented an inbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system integrated with live agent support to tackle the challenges and enhance customer service capabilities:

  • Inbound IVR Implementations: Established a 24×7 automated call screening system, ensuring efficient call management and immediate response to customer inquiries..
  • Automated Name and Address Match:  Implemented an automated feature to match customer names and addresses swiftly, facilitating accurate and efficient order capture.
  • Live Agent Support Integration: Combined IVR with live agent support to seamlessly transition calls to human agents when needed, providing a personalized customer service experience.

The Results

The implementation of inbound IVR and live agent support yielded significant improvements in customer service efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Efficient Call Handling: Successfully handled 100% of calls on the first ring, ensuring quick and efficient resolution of customer inquiries
  • .Reduced Burden on In-House Agent Team: Significantly reduced the number of calls that needed to be handled by the in-house agent team, alleviating their workload.
  • Highly Accurate Order Capture:  Achieved highly accurate order capture through the automated name and address match feature, minimizing errors and enhancing customer satisfaction..


The company’s strategic integration of inbound IVR and live agent support effectively addressed the challenges posed by the product recall, resulting in enhanced customer service capacity, improved call handling efficiency, and a high degree of accuracy in order capture.

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