Customer Success Story

Navigating Global Expansion Overcoming Language Barriers In The Travel Industry

In the competitive world of travel, a leading travel company, which we’ll refer to as “GlobalTraveler,” was determined to make a significant impact on the international stage. With a vision to amplify revenue through worldwide advertising, they faced an inherent challenge: Their operations were predominantly monolingual, and they needed to cater to a diverse multilingual audience.

The Challenge

While GlobalTraveler dominated its native English-speaking market, international success mandated effective communication across multiple languages around the clock. The challenges before them were:

  • Absence of internal multilingual resources and expertise.
  • An immediate solution required to seize global opportunities without delay.

The Approach

To tackle these challenges head-on, GlobalTraveler collaborated with TSI, a frontrunner in customer support outsourcing. TSI offered a swift and efficient strategy:

  • Quick Mobilization: TSI brought together a team of 15 dedicated professionals proficient in English and German, assuring uninterrupted 24/7 customer support in these pivotal languages.
  • Expansive Linguistic Reach: In addition to the foundational languages, TSI ensured a 60% service coverage in other significant languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, and Danish, enabling GlobalTraveler to cast a wider net in these vital regions.
  • Timely Implementation: The team was not only assembled but also rigorously trained to align with GlobalTraveler’s brand values and service guidelines, ensuring they were launch-ready for the scheduled roll-out.
  • An IVR application to divert and manage calls efficiently
  • An Email platform to facilitate seamless communication
  • A Web Chat collaboration tool for real-time customer interactions
  • An e-Cademy or Virtual Training Tool to ensure continuous learning and development of agents

The Results

TSI’s bespoke approach delivered transformative results for GlobalTraveler:

  • Assured Excellence: GlobalTraveler’s clientele expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the quality of the multilingual support they received.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Notably, the response time, a critical aspect of customer service measured through the Average Handling Time (AHT) for emails, witnessed a significant reduction. What initially took a prolonged 1000 seconds was trimmed down to a swift 200 seconds, translating to enhanced efficiency and elevated customer satisfaction levels.
  • Strengthened Resolve: Bolstered by the success of this initiative, GlobalTraveler is now equipped and confident to venture into more linguistic territories.

Customer Quote

Dear Global Traveler team,

“Thank you for your help today – especially Jay who understood my problem and helped me the most. Wonderful patient customer service from Jay – much appreciated.



This case underscores the power of strategic collaborations. GlobalTraveler’s partnership with TSI not only addressed immediate challenges but also laid a robust foundation for future global endeavors. By acknowledging hurdles and proactively seeking specialized solutions, GlobalTraveler set a commendable precedent for industry peers aiming for international acclaim.

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