Motor Vehicle Accident Case Study

Convergent Reduces Accounts receivable aging accounts for large eastern non-profit

The Challenge

A 500-bed Eastern Non-Profit reached out to Convergent RCM for assistance with a growing backlog of Motor Vehicle Accident accounts. Hospital executives were looking to, more quickly, generate revenue from these difficult claims and free staff to focus on current claims.

The Solution

  • Experienced Convergent professional onsite to simplify the reassignment of accounts and gather information for effective collections – minimizing staff disruptions.
  • Attorney-led approach for resolving difficult accounts.
  • Web portal with real-time summaries and interactive reports, providing the facts and figures needed to swiftly respond to financial and operational queries.
  • Complimentary Educational Workshops for internal billing staff, providing legal and regulatory information to raise effectiveness and morale for faster, more positive claims results.

The Results

  • Days in accounts receivable dropped from 64 to 38 days.
  • Drop sustained for 4 years, throughout partnership.

Convergent RCM’s dedicated team of attorneys and Senior Claims Specialists, navigating the entanglements of MVA reimbursement, evaluate all potential payers and aggressively pursues all payment sources, including:

  • Responsible party’s auto insurance
  • Patient’s health insurance
  • Alternative Sources such as Medicare or Medicaid
  • Timely filing of liens/letters of protection, when warranted
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