Customer Success Story

Harnessing Customer Care Through Social Media

This case study showcases the evolution of social care for a client, highlighting their journey from traditional online customer care activities to a more engaged and interactive social media presence. The client initially engaged an organization to manage their online customer care activities, which later evolved to encompass social customer care on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The study elaborates on the challenges faced, the strategic approach employed, and the remarkable results achieved through this transition

The Challenge

  • Transitioning to Social Customer Care: Shifting from traditional online customer care to managing social media platforms demanded a strategic approach to adapt to the real-time, public nature of social conversations.
  • Addressing Positive and Negative Feedback: Effectively managing both positive and negative customer posts on Facebook and Twitter required a nuanced approach to maintain brand reputation and customer satisfaction.
  • Scaling Social Engagement:  As the client’s social media following grew rapidly, scaling social engagement while ensuring consistent and meaningful interactions became a challenge.

The Solution

  • Initial Online Customer Care: Initiated management customer care activities, including website, chat, and webmail, providing a foundation for later expansion into social media.
  • Engagement on Social Platforms:  Agents were deployed to manually engage with positive and negative posts on the client’s Facebook fan page and Twitter wall, ensuring timely and appropriate responses.
  • Leveraging Social CRM and Analytics: A shift towards a more engaged social presence involved implementing a social CRM system to streamline interactions, track consumer sentiment, and enhance engagement strategies based on data insights.
  • Pilot Program for Social Expansion: A pilot program was initiated to further ramp up the engagement, integrating best practices, refining response strategies, and aligning the client’s social care efforts with their brand identity and objectives.

The Results

The strategic shift to a more engaged social presence demonstrated remarkable results:

  • Increased Social Following: Facebook fans grew to over 1.4 million, demonstrating a substantial increase in the client’s social reach and influence.
  • Growing Twitter Audience: Twitter followers exceeded 10,000 across two primary accounts, showcasing an expanding audience engaged through meaningful interactions.
  • Preparation for Enhanced Management: The transition prepared the client for a more robust social care approach, integrating social CRM, analytics, and reporting to further optimize engagement strategies.


The successful evolution from traditional online customer care to a dynamic and engaged social media presence underscores the value of adapting to the changing landscape of customer interactions, resulting in increased consumer engagement and a stronger brand presence in the digital realm.

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