Customer Success Story

Enhancing Lead Quality for a Premium Golf/Beach/Spa Club

In the competitive world of business, the power of a potent marketing strategy cannot be underestimated. Managing and qualifying these leads can become an increasingly complex challenge.. This is where the strategic integration of technology, particularly through a contact center partner, comes into play.

The Challenge

A luxury Golf/Beach/Spa Club located in Sarasota sought to revamp its print marketing campaign, addressing the challenge of transferring high-quality leads to the sales team. With memberships ranging between $79k and $125k, there was significant potential revenue at stake. However, the sales team found themselves burdened with the time and expense associated with sifting through unqualified leads.

The Approach

To improve the marketing strategy by refining the lead qualification process and ensuring the leads passed to the sales team are genuinely prospective clients.

  • Enhanced Communications Piece: A new, compelling follow-up communications piece was developed to better showcase the club’s offerings, ensuring that potential members had a clear understanding of what was being presented to them.
  • Three-Day Trial Offer: Recognizing the importance of experiential marketing, a three-day trial offer was introduced, allowing prospective members to get a taste of the club’s luxury offerings, thereby stimulating their interest.
  • Multi-touch Communications: The club adopted a comprehensive multi-touch communications strategy to ensure prospective leads were nurtured and filtered appropriately.


This strategy included:

  • Guided voicemail
  • Direct mail
  • Email campaigns
  • Follow-up calls
  • Web catcher page for online lead capture

The Results

  • Boosted Engagement: Response rates to the revamped campaign exceeded previous efforts by a staggering 700%.
  • Enhanced Lead Quality: The conversion rate for delivering top-tier, qualified A/B leads to the sales team saw an increase of 1,122%.
  • Increased Sales: Sales attributed to this marketing initiative witnessed a 400% rise.
  • Strong Return on Investment: The campaign’s ROI was reported at an impressive 7.66:1, indicating a substantial return for every dollar invested.
  • Long-term Implementation: Due to its immense success, this campaign was adopted as the primary marketing strategy for the club.

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