Customer Success Story

Elevating Customer Care And Sales Excellence: A Triumph In Partnership With TSI

TSI embarked on a transformative journey in the world of customer care and sales., when selected as the launchpad for Canada’s first-ever Third-Party Verification (TPV) operation, our journey evolved into a partnership that would redefine industry standards. With a commitment to excellence, we expanded our operations to two centers, ultimately becoming the exclusive TPV provider for our esteemed client. As time progressed, our collaboration took a new turn, Our client entrusted us with the responsibility of managing their Houston, Texas inbound customer service and outbound sales facility. Subsequently, we expanded our footprint in British Columbia, establishing two centers dedicated to providing exceptional support in multiple languages.

The Challenge

When entrusted with the responsibility of managing the Houston inbound customer service and outbound sales facility, we encountered several challenges. The primary objective was to enhance operational efficiency, maximize cost savings, and ensure customer satisfaction. Key challenges included:

  • Cost Optimization: Achieving a 10-15% reduction in the cost per sale was a formidable task, especially in an industry known for its competitive nature.
  • Performance Excellence: Our goal was to achieve the highest close-rate performance among all client centers, a task that demanded a unique blend of strategy and execution.
  • Service Efficiency: Improving the average handle time for service calls by 92% was vital to enhancing customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.
  • Agent Retention: Maintaining and increasing agent retention rates for both customer service and sales, particularly in comparison to the client’s internal centers, was crucial.

The Solution

Our partnership with a leading long-distance provider, proved to be the catalyst for overcoming these challenges. Together, we implemented a multi-faceted approach to drive excellence in inbound customer service and outbound sales.

  • Cost Optimization: Leveraging TSI’s expertise in telecommunications, we optimized operational costs through innovative technology solutions and process streamlining.
  • Performance Excellence: We revamped the client’s sales strategies and invested in training programs to nurture a high-performing sales force. Our teams were empowered with the latest tools and resources to excel in their roles.
  • Service Efficiency: We implemented cutting-edge customer service technology, reducing average handle times significantly. This not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also improved operational efficiency.
  • Agent Retention: By offering competitive compensation packages and a supportive work environment, we achieved higher agent retention rates compared to the client’s internal centers, further bolstering our success. sales scripts that resonated with customers and effectively communicated the carrier’s value propositions.
  • Quality Processes: Rigorous quality control processes were implemented to ensure the highest standards of customer interactions.

The Results

The new strategy yielded exceptional results:

  • Cost Savings: We achieved a remarkable 10-15% reduction in the cost per sale, enhancing profitability for both parties.
  • Performance Pinnacle: Our center achieved the highest close-rate performance among all client centers, setting a new industry benchmark.
  • Efficiency Elevation: Average handle times for service calls improved by an astonishing 92%, demonstrating our commitment to operational excellence.
  • Agent Retention: We not only maintained but exceeded agent retention rates compared to the client’s internal centers, ensuring a stable and skilled workforce.
  • Scale and Innovation: Our partnership led to the development of cutting-edge sales training programs, benefiting not only our client but also other vendors in the industry.

With 1500 agents handling inbound customer service and 1000 agents dedicated to outbound sales, the partnership with TSI not only reshaped industry standards but also established our client as the leader in customer care and sales excellence.

In conclusion, our journey from TPV operations to becoming a powerhouse in customer service and sales stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Together, we achieved unparalleled success, and our journey continues to inspire others in the industry to reach new heights of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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