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Driving Growth And Excellence In Outsourced Insurance Sales: A Leading Insurance Financial Institution Case Study

Leading Insurance Financial Institution (referred to as “the client”) embarked on a journey, forging a remarkable partnership with TSI, their outsourced partner. This enduring alliance aimed to provide customers with a wide range of insurance products and financial services. Over the course of two decades, their relationship evolved and flourished, becoming a testament to the success of strategic outsourcing in the insurance and financial sector.

The Challenge

The client’s challenge was to expand its outbound sales program, catering to customers from various bank partner organizations. This ambitious endeavor encompassed offering insurance products in both English and Spanish, demanding a sophisticated blend of customer care and sales acumen. As the client’s offerings diversified and their customer base grew, they needed a partner who could not only keep pace with their expansion but also deliver outstanding results.

The Solution

In response to this challenge, TSI stepped up to the plate, propelling the partnership to new heights. The solutions employed included:

  • Rapid Growth: TSI significantly increased the number of agents, scaling from a modest 25 to a formidable 350 agents. This expansion allowed for a more extensive reach and increased capacity to handle customer inquiries and sales.
  • Geographical Expansion: TSI strategically established three contact centers in key locations, enhancing their service capabilities. These centers were situated in the US, Canada and Central America. This geographical diversification ensured redundancy, minimized risk, and optimized operational efficiency.

The Results

The outcomes of TSI’s efforts have been nothing short of remarkable:

  • Impressive Sales Volumes: TSI grew to handle an average of 100,000 hours per month in outbound membership product sales. This substantial increase in sales demonstrates the effectiveness of TSI’s sales strategies and capabilities.
  • Recognition as a Top Provider: The client recognized TSI as a top provider of business programs. TSI’s dedication to excellence, commitment to customer satisfaction, and ability to adapt to evolving market demands played a pivotal role in this recognition.
  • Exclusive Spanish-Language Vendor: TSI has become the exclusive Spanish-language vendor for the client. This designation signifies TSI’s excellence in servicing Spanish-speaking customers and highlights their unique expertise in this area.
  • Three Lines of Business: TSI is the only facility entrusted with handling all three lines of business for the client. This distinction underscores the trust and confidence the client places in TSI’s capabilities.
  • Central America’s Top Performer: TSI’s Central American site has achieved the coveted status of “Top Performer” among the client’s vendor locations multiple times. This recognition reaffirms TSI’s commitment to excellence and its ability to consistently deliver exceptional results.

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