Customer Success Story

Creative Direct Mail Campaign For A Travel Booking Program’s Offline Package Customers

In the fast-paced realm of online travel booking, where the digital landscape often takes center stage, a large online travel booking site company found itself facing a distinct challenge – an audience that preferred the tactile allure of offline interactions. This audience, a unique segment of customers who favored purchasing travel packages through offline channels, presented an intriguing puzzle for the company with a renowned online travel booking platform.

The Challenges

A leading online travel booking platform, faced a unique challenge in reaching out to an unusual target audience – customers who preferred to purchase travel packages offline. These customers were less digitally engaged and had not been effectively reached through traditional online marketing efforts. Furthermore, they needed to adhere to strict branding guidelines, including the prominent display of their logo, specific color palettes, fonts, and partner logos. Additionally, they wanted to leverage their new TV campaign in a targeted direct mail (DM) format, ensuring it resonated with this offline customer base.

The Approach

They first collaborated with a creative agency to develop a robust direct mail campaign that addressed these challenges effectively. The following key elements were incorporated into the solution:

  • Strict Brand Adherence: The creative team meticulously followed their branding guidelines. This included ensuring the prominent display of the logo on both sides of the direct mail piece, using the approved color palette and fonts, and including partner logos where required. This ensured that the piece was instantly identifiable as Travelocity.
  • Offline Service Emphasis: Recognizing the preference of the target audience for offline service, the direct mail piece prominently featured a picture of a friendly customer service operator alongside a toll-free telephone number. This visual element was strategically placed to highlight the accessibility of personalized assistance.
  • Integration of “Brand” Campaign: To connect with the “Brand” campaign, the creative team seamlessly integrated the campaign’s imagery and voice into the direct mail piece. The travel booking “Brand” was featured in a way that felt natural and complementary to the overall design, ensuring consistency with the online branding efforts.
  • Strong Offer and Calls to Action: The direct mail piece included a compelling offer and clear calls to action that encouraged recipients to take immediate steps. This ensured that the campaign not only reinforced the branding but also drove desired actions from the recipients..

The Results

The results of this creative direct mail campaign for the travel booking company were impressive and quantifiable:

  • Brand Consistency: The creative execution set a new standard for their branded direct mail communications. The adherence to strict branding guidelines ensured that the direct mail piece was instantly recognizable as the Travel Booking Company, strengthening brand consistency across channels.
  • Increased Engagement: The inclusion of the toll-free telephone number and the offline service emphasis effectively engaged the target audience, and, as a result, the company witnessed a significant increase in customer inquiries and bookings from this segment.
  • Positive Reception of “Brand” Campaign: The integration of the “Brand” campaign was well-received by recipients, creating a seamless transition from online to offline interactions. This contributed to a higher level of engagement and trust in the brand.

Measurable Conversion: The strong offer and clear calls to action yielded measurable results. The company experienced a notable increase in bookings and sales directly attributed to this direct mail campaign..

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