Customer Success Story

Case Study: Transforming Reservation Operations to Maximize Efficiency with TSI

A client in the travel and hospitality sector had an internal reservations division that was integral to their business operations. However, this operation was not yielding optimal results, prompting the client to explore external solutions. Despite reservations about outsourcing this crucial function, they decided to conduct a pilot program with TSI to test the waters.

The Challenge

The client was grappling with inefficiencies in its reservation center and was unsure whether outsourcing this component would yield better results. To ascertain the viability of this collaboration, a pilot program was initiated with TSI. The client’s decision post-pilot would be based on TSI’s ability to meet and exceed established KPIs.

The Approach

TSI embarked on a mission to not only enhance customer service quality but also pivot the program from being solely reservation-centric to being sales-driven. This transformative approach aimed at maximizing revenue streams for the client. Impressed by the early results, the client expanded their partnership with TSI and integrated additional ‘sub-programs’ into their core operations.

Furthermore, to better adapt to the client’s needs and the ever-evolving market demands, TSI introduced:

  • An IVR application to divert and manage calls efficiently
  • An Email platform to facilitate seamless communication
  • A Web Chat collaboration tool for real-time customer interactions
  • An e-Cademy or Virtual Training Tool to ensure continuous learning and development of agents
  • The eRoom, a comprehensive knowledge base to empower agents with the information they need.

The Results

The collaboration with TSI proved to be a turning point for the client. With the advanced technological solutions provided by TSI, the client experienced a profound transformation in their business operations. Key achievements included:

  • A centralized and streamlined service and process management system.
  • A significant 18% reduction in call volumes directed to agents, thanks to the newly integrated IVR system
  • Enhanced customer engagement through the web chat and email platforms.
  • Efficient training mechanisms through the e-Cademy and a robust knowledge management system with the eRoom.


The partnership with TSI stands as a testament to the transformative power of leveraging external expertise. Through strategic interventions, technological advancements, and a customer-first approach, TSI not only met the client’s expectations but significantly exceeded them, ushering in a new era of efficiency and growth for the client.

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