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Why does TSI epayments appear on my bank statement?

Transworld Systems Inc. (“TSI”) most likely appears on your bank statement as the billing party for your Financial, Medical or Utilities provider. Instead of seeing their name appear on your bank statement, TSI appears as the third-party processor of your payment.


For further information regarding why TSI appears on your bank statement, you can connect with a TSI representative through our Consumer Support contact page.

How do I pay my Transworld Systems Inc. (TSI) account(s) online?

We allow you, the consumer, to pay your account(s) through our self-service website. You must have a web registration code to use the website for payments which is provided to you in one or more of the letters we have sent you.


The use of this number for the self-service payment website is a key component of the required authentication of your account and the acceptance of web payments. If you do not have a TSI web registration code, please contact us here.

How do I find my web registration code for Transworld Systems Inc.?

Your TSI web registration code can be found in the letter sent to you from Transworld Systems Inc.


Registration Tips:


  • Make sure the web registration code you entered exactly matches the one in your letter
  • The user name is your email address
  • Your password must be 8 characters, at least one upper and one lower case, at least one number and at least one special character


If you continue to have difficulty after following these tips, contact us today.

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