How Technology is Disrupting the Collections Industry

The future is here for debt collection technology. Is technology a good or a bad thing? The answer is it depends on how you use it. In the field of debt collection, technology is being used to improve the consumer experience while helping industries work smarter and improve their bottom line. Here’s how the new […]

How Innovation is Simplifying Debt Collection

Next-gen debt collection is here and waiting for you. Even the toughest jobs benefit from having the right tools and debt collection is no exception to this rule. Today, next-generation debt collection is transforming how we pursue your past due receivables. This technology is transforming how we conduct debt collection, making the industry smarter, more […]

The Top Factors Impacting the Financial Industry in 2019

Financial services firms look to 2019 and technology innovation. As we near the end of 2018, it’s appropriate to take a look back at the wild ride we’ve had in the financial sector. 2018 was a time of great change, driven in part by technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine-learning automation, and market challenges such […]

Security Risks and Your Healthcare Organization: Driving Patient Satisfaction

Keeping data safe is one way a collection agency can protect the relationship between you and your patient. Federal law requires healthcare organizations to safeguard personal health information (PHI). As we discussed in our previous article around ransomware and insider threats, healthcare organizations may often struggle to keep data safe, and increasingly fall victim to […]

Should CFOs Toss Time-Based Collections?

For many CFO’s, the answer to the question, “should I stop thinking of collections as time-based?” is simple: yes. If you and your collection agencies are still considering operating with time-based methodologies, you may be paying excessive fees to collection agencies and internal operations to collect on debtors with a high probability of paying. Conversely, […]

Leveraging Digital Channels in Today’s Collections Environment

Advances in technology have rapidly shifted the nature of communications with their customers, particularly when it comes to accounts receivables. It has also significantly changed the way consumers think about and handle their money. The ways that you choose to connect with outstanding accounts will have a direct impact on whether or not they decide […]

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