What Is Secure Data Warehousing and How Does It Protect Your Business?

Though the comparison isn’t quite apples-to-apples, the concept of data being more valuable than oil has gained traction in recent years. The titans of the digital world, including Amazon, Google, Facebook, and the like, are among the most valuable companies in the world, and it’s because of their data. Businesses are increasingly aware of the value of […]

The Top Factors Impacting the Financial Industry in 2019

Financial services firms look to 2019 and technology innovation. As we near the end of 2018, it’s appropriate to take a look back at the wild ride we’ve had in the financial sector. 2018 was a time of great change, driven in part by technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine-learning automation, and market challenges such […]

New Report Offers Valuable Insight into Student Loan Defaults

Over 250,000 student loans go to debt collection every quarter. The Urban Institute points out the numbers, which are staggering: 250,000 federal student loans go into default every quarter. Up to another 30,000 people default on their rehabilitated federal student loan payments. Going to school and seeking a better life shouldn’t be this hard, but the […]

Debt Collection Services and Cyber Attacks: Minimizing Your Risk

Data encryption is just one of the ways we help keep your data safe. Here’s the new reality: There is a criminal out there that wants your data. It seems like every month there’s a high-profile data breach, from hospitals attacked with ransomware to consumer credit card data stolen from some of the biggest retailers in the nation. […]

Protecting Customer Data in the Utility & Telecom Industry

Protecting consumer data and vital architectures in the utility and telecom industries is increasingly important. We’ve heard a lot lately about cyber terrorism. From ransomware attacks taking down the City of Atlanta to attempts to hack utility infrastructures in Connecticut, it’s clear that hackers are going beyond their search for client data to probe the very infrastructures that […]

Healthcare Debt Collection Trends and Techniques

Don’t rely on old methodologies. We’ve seen so many changes in healthcare finance over the past decade, that most hospital CFOs confess to having battle fatigue. As if managing varying budgets, developing cost reduction initiatives, and developing and implementing financial processes to squeeze more juice out of the revenue cycle “turnip” weren’t enough, we also […]

New Challenges in Hospital Self-Pay Collections

Hospitals and medical practice providers are facing a brave new world where the realities of high-deductible insurance or no insurance at all have yielded a higher group of self-pay patients. How can hospitals stay on top of accounts receivable management with a burgeoning population of people that are sick – but cannot pay? Debt collections […]

Security Risks and Your Healthcare Organization: Driving Patient Satisfaction

Keeping data safe is one way a collection agency can protect the relationship between you and your patient. Federal law requires healthcare organizations to safeguard personal health information (PHI). As we discussed in our previous article around ransomware and insider threats, healthcare organizations may often struggle to keep data safe, and increasingly fall victim to […]

Security Risks and Your Healthcare Organization: From Ransomware to Insider Threats

Healthcare IT News quotes a recent Verizon report that spells out big cyber security threats for healthcare providers in the coming years. It turns out that the biggest threats are from inside hospitals themselves — an even bigger risk than external threats like ransomware. This article, part one in a two-part series, will look at cyber […]

Collections for Financial Institutions/Banks and Credit Unions

Banks are required to keep data safe. What happens when that trust is breached? Banking has always been about trust. Financial institutions are tasked with managing the assets of their stakeholders; those clients put their trust in the bank to handle their cash or investments. However, it can be a delicate situation when an account […]

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