Why you should consider outsourcing your call center services

There is no question that your business needs a communications center to interact with your customers. But what should it look like, and how can you build those relationships without over-investing valuable time or money? How will you continue to communicate effectively as you scale your business? These questions can plague a company struggling with […]

Maintaining Debt Collection Diplomacy While Collecting for Government Agencies

As we start the fourth quarter of the year, we find ourselves reflecting on how debt collection for government agencies is particularly challenging. The debt collection agency must maintain the highest standards for a positive citizen experience while still managing the complexities of a bureaucratic setting. TSI is particularly accomplished in this area, having spent […]

Your Collections Process Influences Customer Sentiment — Here’s How

Customer loyalty is largely based on customer experience. In fact, customer experience is becoming an increasingly important factor in customer loyalty. By 2020, it is expected to surpass price and product as the primary brand differentiator. Many factors shape the customer experience. Assuming you offer high-quality products and services at a fair price, customer experience will be […]

The Value of Partnering with Consumers in the Debt Collection Process

When it comes to debt collection, one of the most important things is to continue the positive relationship you already have with the consumer. After all, the consumers are your customers, and even if you won’t be doing business with them again, you want to avoid burning bridges if you can. Debt collection can be […]

Better Debt Collection Means a Better Customer Experience — Here’s Why

Debt collection should enhance, not harm your brand image. The days of debt collection run amok are over. Certainly, federal compliance rules cracked down on overzealous and sometimes rude debt collection firms. However, it’s really been the internet that has changed what we consider best practices for the industry’s approach to A/R recovery. Today, one […]

How Patient Satisfaction Impacts Revenue for Healthcare Organizations

Under value-based reimbursement, patient satisfaction scores impact account receivables. In 2018, keeping a patient happy with the service your healthcare organization provides matters more than ever before. That’s not just because healthcare has grown to become a service-driven commodity just like any other business. Today, the move to value-based care means that reimbursement will be […]

New Report Offers Valuable Insight into Student Loan Defaults

Over 250,000 student loans go to debt collection every quarter. The Urban Institute points out the numbers, which are staggering: 250,000 federal student loans go into default every quarter. Up to another 30,000 people default on their rehabilitated federal student loan payments. Going to school and seeking a better life shouldn’t be this hard, but the […]

Distinguishing Bill Collector Harassment

Many people feel as if they are subject to bill collector harassment. While in some cases that may be true, it should not be confused with legitimate attempts to collect on a debt for which they are responsible. There are laws in place that define what constitutes harassment. In most cases where there is no […]

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