Why You Should Turn Over Aged B2B Accounts to a Collection Partner Quickly

In the realm of B2B (Business-to-Business) transactions, maintaining a healthy cash flow is pivotal for the sustainability and growth of a business. However, this balance can be disrupted when clients delay payments or accounts become aged. This is where the strategic decision of turning over aged B2B accounts to a collection partner quickly becomes vital. […]

How Streamlined Debt Collection Helps Financial Institutions Maximize Profit

Accounts receivables are arguably one of the key areas of concern for any financial institution. More often than not, financial institutions may struggle if they do not have an effective debt collection process in place. Customers  who do not make payments on time, or even worse, do not make payments at all, represent a major challenge […]

Top 4 Ways Educators Can Minimize Delinquent Receivables

Whether you’re operating a Montessori school for preschool-age children or a major university that educates the brightest young minds, you need cash flow to continue your work. When parents and students fail to pay their bills, you run the risk of putting your educational institution’s future in jeopardy. Delinquent receivables often go unacknowledged in educational settings because […]

The Impact of Bad Debt on Sales

Companies may sometimes become accustomed to thinking of bad debt as a cost of doing business. After all, every accounting department has to write off bad debt every once in a while, right? That’s not necessarily the healthiest way to view any bad debt you may have out there. Instead of worrying about your write […]

Maintaining Debt Collection Diplomacy While Collecting for Government Agencies

As we start the fourth quarter of the year, we find ourselves reflecting on how debt collection for government agencies is particularly challenging. The debt collection agency must maintain the highest standards for a positive citizen experience while still managing the complexities of a bureaucratic setting. TSI is particularly accomplished in this area, having spent […]

5 Tips for Hiring a Collection Agency

When unpaid accounts interrupt your cash flow, you have two options: Collect the debts yourself or hire a collection agency. The latter option may prove to be the most cost-effective for businesses as long as they hire the right company. Read on to learn about the essential criteria when hiring a collection agency. Learn About […]

The Future of Self-Service in the Debt Collections Industry

Self-service technology options are changing debt collections. Technology has dramatically changed debt collections – along with every other industry sector. Today, many of the formerly laborious tasks of the debt collections industry have been automated. This includes self-service options that allow consumers to do-it-yourself when it comes to past-due balances. It also includes innovative web […]

The Business Benefits of Streamlined Debt Collection

“Streamlined” is an adjective most people wouldn’t normally associate with debt collection. B2C or B2B debt collection can be fraught with challenges, and it isn’t always straightforward. Yet developing a streamlined solution to debt collection is essential for businesses in order to keep cash flow positive and ensure the business always has sufficient working capital. […]

Your Collections Process Influences Customer Sentiment — Here’s How

Customer loyalty is largely based on customer experience. In fact, customer experience is becoming an increasingly important factor in customer loyalty. By 2020, it is expected to surpass price and product as the primary brand differentiator. Many factors shape the customer experience. Assuming you offer high-quality products and services at a fair price, customer experience will be […]

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