TSI & Open Dental work together to offer dental practices a more efficient & streamlined billing/collection process. Practices will now have the ability from within Open Dental to view, select and administer accounts that require additional 1st party followup or 3rd party collection services by TSI.

Let TSI help get your cash flowing!

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Working with TSI

•   TSI’s Accelerator service sends gentle reminder letters to your patients in your name, reminding them to pay their balance, allowing your staff to focus on other duties;
•   For a more urgent, yet friendly approach, TSI’s Profit Recovery contacts your patients on your behalf;
•   To prompt more serious debtors, TSI’s Contingency Collections urges patients to make payment, before they are charged off as bad debt.

With over 45 years’ experience, TSI offers our clients a secure, compliant, and diplomatic solution to managing their accounts receivable cycle while maximizing the amount they are able to collect.

With a full suite of collections services, TSI has solutions tailored to meet your practice’s specific needs while upholding your valuable patient relationships.

 TSI and Open Dental Working Together

Open Dental provides powerful, flexible dental practice management software at an affordable price. TSI offers Open Dental members revenue cycle management solutions and fixed fee collections to manage their accounts receivable and increase cash flow. Together, Open Dental and TSI automate, streamline, and enhance the entire patient experience, from appointment scheduling and billing to collecting on past due invoices and processing payments.

What can the latest TSI and Open Dental Interface do for your practice?


Create an automated workflow for your outstanding account

Allow electronic account submissions

Reduce overhead costs

Utilize staff time more efficiently

Enhance and uphold patient relationships

TSI is a market-leading provider of accounts receivable management and student loan servicing solutions. Our global operations are powered by our proprietary algorithms and best-in-class compliance management system. Our clients include Fortune 100 corporations, national and regional healthcare providers, financial institutions, state and federal government organizations, educational institutions, and small and medium-sized businesses.