TSI: A Leader in Government Debt Collection

Government Debt Collection Experience

Walking the line between keeping taxpayers happy while collecting the various debt types they incur is a delicate balancing act. All public agencies—county, municipal, state, and federal—are subject to a higher level of scrutiny from both external and internal entities, meaning the expected standard of performance is often higher than that of private-sector entities.

Take a closer look at our Government Debt Collection Experience, Tax Collection Experience, Toll Collection Experience and Court Collection Experience.

Government-Specific Specialty Services

  • Tolling Services
  • Taxpayer Services
  • Tax Amnesty Programs
  • Tax Return Processing
  • Tax Lien Processing
  • Suspension/Reinstatement of Drivers Licenses

Government Debt Collection Experience

With our Government Services unit, you get a team that is solely dedicated to partnering with and meeting the needs of public-sector clients. Last year alone, we collected over $714 million for our government clients. This level of debt recovery attests to the confidence that our clients have in our ability to collect government debt in a timely and efficient manner that complies with applicable regulations.

But a successful government debt collection and enforcement program is about more than simply dollars collected. TSI delivers proven results with best-in-class quality and customer service. We strive to ensure a positive taxpayer experience while collecting for you in an ethical and empathetic manner to keep the trust-based relationships you have within your community.

TSI proudly holds memberships with the Federal Tax Administrators, Government Revenue Collection Association, National Center for State Courts, and International Association for Court Administrators.

Tax Collection Experience

TSI has extensive experience with both first-party and third-party state tax collections and a proven ability to process large account volumes. Our liquidation (debt collection success) rates are as high as 45%, depending tax type and age. The experienced knowledge, expertise, best practices, and improvements that we continuously test and develop with other public-sector entities are constantly shared with our government clients to improve debt collection results, productivity, efficiency, and customer service.

Expertise includes:

  • 35 years of individual and business tax revenue experience
  • Work with more than 20 state revenue offices
  • Referred 1.6 million accounts in the past five years

Toll Collection Experience

TSI understands the need to deliver your tolling customers with a positive, diplomatic collection experience and provide a painless way pay off tolling debts with our easy-to-use, web-based payment platform.

We work closely with our clients to ensure a seamless and accurate data transmission so that you always have an up-to-date snapshot of your outstanding tolling receivables. With our highly-trained, experienced, and scalable workforce, we’re able to handle any volume of accounts and begin collecting immediately upon placement.

Expertise includes:

  • In tolling services alone, we’ve collected more than $89M in 2016
  • More than 25 years of toll collection experience
  • Trusted by some of the largest tolling authorities in North America

Court Collection Experience

TSI provides debt collection services to court clients nationwide, including at the municipal, county, and district levels. We develop collection processes on a court-by-court basis that are tied to your goals in order to achieve highest levels of Public Trust and Confidence while maximizing recoveries.

With a scalable IT architecture is capable of supporting side-by-side integration of dual judicial case management systems, we have experience to help you transition from legacy court record systems.

We ensure that your defendants get fair treatment, all while collecting the most for you.

Expertise includes:

  • More than 27 years of court collection experience
  • Have worked with more than 150 courts across the United States

Noteworthy Stats

TSI is a leading supplier for federal, state, and municipal government B2B and B2C debt collection with more than 35 years of government collection experience for more than 30 states, cities, and agencies. Talk to us about your needs, today.