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Where We Win For You: Innovation. Compliance. Security.

There is no safer option in the industry to trust with your accounts receivable than TSI. We consistently deliver an outstanding customer experience and positive business outcomes in a highly secured environment.

When it comes to innovation, TSI sets the standard. Driven by our proprietary predictive-analytics Next-Gen Delivery Platform, we produce unrivaled results on a consistent basis.

Data Analytics
For the debt recovery boost your accounts receivable need, get to know CollectX, our predictive analytics platform. Learn More


We offer nothing less than industry leading regulatory compliance, backed by a robust structure and best-in-class complaint rate of .017%.
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Data Security

Safeguarding your data and minimizing the risk of a breach is our number one priority. That’s why we obtain the highest level of data security certification.
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Data Security
Next-Gen Delivery Platform

Our Next-Gen Delivery Platform optimizes the critical areas of collections to provide our clients with superior, faster and more sustainable debt recovery rates.
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Next-Gen Delivery Platform

Ways We’ve Delivered

Take a look at some of the ways we’ve exceeded the expectations that we’re constantly raising.

“TSI secures data better than anyone else.”

You bet we do. We safeguard both your data and your customers’ data.


You know your data is in the safest of hands when our compliance credentials include a US government-issued Authorization to Operate, HIPAA, and PCI DSS 3.2, not to mention our NIST and FISMA certified information security management system.


Combined with an information technology system housed in a SuperNap Tier-IV facility as well as disaster recovery management with a 100% uptime guarantee and TSI bears the industry standard for exceptional data security.

“TSI delivers sustained, higher recoveries”

How? Our technology puts your success first.


We apply our proprietary predictive analytics platform, CollectX, across our collections operation to deliver higher liquidity by using big data to focus resources and tailor our debt recovery strategies.


CollectX uses our internal database of nearly 500 million records and third-party databases in our skip tracing to locate debtors 50% sooner.


Over the last 12 months, this next-gen debt collection operation model has resulted in an average increase of 22% in liquidity rates for our clients.

“TSI provides customers a superior experience.”

It’s true. We protect the integrity of your brand.


With rigorous customer care training, embedded compliance controls, and ongoing agent development, we deliver the industry’s lowest customer contact-to-complaint ratio of .017%.


Additionally, our customer payment and debt management portals are easy-to-use, intuitive, and built on the latest browser-based UI/UX technology.


Paired with deep experience servicing nearly every debt type out there and you get the customer care you demand.

“TSI protects us with stronger regulatory compliance.”

Here’s how we do it: our quality is highly controlled.


Our team of compliance specialists as well as a self-audit team are dedicated to shielding you from regulatory risk.


We embed the strictest controls and speech analytics in our operations to protect you and your customers from unnecessary violations.


Moreover, TSI’s call quality management team monitors calls for mini-Miranda, right party contact, abusive language, and potential FDCPA and UDAAP violations to score agents and take appropriate actions.

“TSI innovates to continuously improve our business.”

It takes dedication. We invest in what’s next.


By utilizing technology and big data, we’re able to transform our clients’ experience and results.


In addition to CollectX, we have a new, state-of-the-art loan servicing system, new customer and client portals, automated billing and payment system, a new web-based self-service debt recovery service, cloud-based call service capabilities, and run our debt collection operations on proven platforms.


By merging a high-touch governance model of dedicated account managers, client service professionals, and performance reporting tools, we ensure results and your satisfaction.

“TSI’s agility and scale meet our changing business needs.”

That’s because when you grow, we grow.


We offer end-to-end solutions across revenue cycle management and loan servicing.


Our operations are spread across 18 delivery locations (onshore, nearshore and offshore) and Centers of Excellence to optimize results in specific industries and locales.


For nearly five decades, our commitment to superior service paired with measurable results has guided us and made your success our business.


Our track record of success across every industry we serve guarantees that TSI has the solutions to be your strategic partner.

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So, how can we help you? Our focus is simple and clear: improve the financial lives of businesses, institutions and consumers. Our engaged ownership group, team of industry experts, functional leaders, and independent advisors are at-the-ready to make a true difference for your company.