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Get to know Our Next-Gen Platform

Where It All Comes Together

Our Next-Gen Delivery Platform optimizes the critical areas of collections (accounts to focus on, right-party contacts, collector time on an account, contact strategy) through a combination of technology, proprietary analytics and advanced collector education. It’s how we deliver superior, faster and more sustainable debt recovery rates–time and time again.

We go deeper

We’re utilizing scoring unlike anyone else in the industry. We don’t simply score at the account level, we do so for the individual attributes of each account—such as phone numbers and email addresses. Our dynamic analytics allow us to update scores weekly to utilize up-to-date data and drive more intelligent and effective collection operations. What does that mean for you? Faster and Increased recoveries.

We Make the Right Calls

Our new inbound call strategy is supported by a team of consumer contact experts. Since implementation, consumers have spent less time on hold and more time talking to our highly skilled agents. The result: a better experience for consumers, which leads to more payments received.

The data is the difference

We’ve developed an exceptionally robust, shared database that consolidates all client and industry-specific information into a digital reference guide. Nicknamed “The Source,” this point-and-click platform further drives our collector efficiency. It provides our staff a more comprehensive view of the nuances associated with your industry, your customers, and the most effective collection strategies. It’s how we can ensure expertise on every single one of your accounts.