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Compliance is crucial

When Industry Leading Is The Only Option

In the face of increasing regulatory complexity and a hostile cyber-security landscape, you can no longer allow your compliance management—let alone that of your debt collection partner—to be anything less than industry leading.

At TSI, industry leading is where we set the bar. Leaning on our proprietary Compliance Management System (CMS), we minimize legal, regulatory and reputational risk for our clients and protect consumers. This is how we shield your brand from costly violations and retain customer relationships with a best-in-class complaint rate of .017% per contact attempt.

Built to succeed

Our CMS is built on four key components and overseen by a robust governance structure. It’s spearheaded by our Board of Directors to oversee its effectiveness, promote a culture of compliance and set clear expectations.

Compliance Program
  • Prevents and reduces regulatory violations
  • Protects consumers
  • Decreases risk of litigation
Call Quality Monitoring
  • Routinely monitors and scores calls to improve agent-consumer interactions
  • Requires supervisor-agent review of the monitored calls
  • Requires coaching and up-training when necessary
Consumer Complaint Management
  • Investigates consumer complaints
  • Determines any merit to complaints
  • Performs root-cause analysis
  • Improves consumer contact systems, policies and procedures
Compliance Audit
  • Evaluates the company’s compliance with consumer protection laws
  • Reviews internal policies, and procedures
  • Assesses compliance with client requirements

Evolving Compliance Controls

Our CMS is comprised of a number of automated controls that increase efficacy and ensure regulatory success. Each is dictated by policies and procedures that determine and assign recovery strategies to accounts that comply with corresponding federal, state, and local consumer laws and regulations.


As a certified Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) service provider, our controls are designed to guarantee that all card payment information is accepted, processed, stored and transmitted within a secure ecosystem. We are PCI DSS 3.2 Service Provider Level 1 attestation–the highest level of service provider certification.


With our SSAE 18 SOC 2 service provider certification, we’re able to report on all internal controls that govern our financial reporting. Annual examination, audit and approval by an independent auditing organization guarantee that our systems and controls are secure and effective.


TSI complies with all standards and controls for our healthcare clients to ensure the protection of patient information in both analog and digital formats.