Innovation That Delivers Better Debt Collection Outcomes

A Focus on Critical Areas of Collections

Our next-gen delivery platform optimizes the critical areas of collections (accounts to focus on, right-party contacts, collector time on an account, contact strategy) through a combination of technology, proprietary analytics, and advanced collector education to provide our clients with superior, faster, and sustainable debt recovery rates.

Success Powered by Innovation

Here are just some of the ways that TSI’s continuous innovation at every level of our operations is driving better outcomes for our clients:

Deeper Analytics

We’re utilizing scoring unlike anyone else in the industry. Not only do we score at the account level, but we score individual attributes of those accounts, such as phone numbers. Our dynamic analytics allow us to update scores weekly to utilize up-to-date data to drive more intelligent and effective collection operations. This, in turn, helps our clients realize faster and higher payments.

Efficiency Matters

We’ve deployed a new inbound call strategy, supported by a team dedicated to handling calls and inquiries from consumers. Since implementation, consumers have spent less time on hold and more time talking to our highly skilled agents. Ultimately, consumers have a better experience, thus increasing their likelihood to pay.

Knowledge is Power

We’ve developed an exceptionally robust, shared knowledge database that consolidates all client and industry-specific information into a digital reference guide. Nicknamed “The Source,” this point-and-click platform further drives our collector efficiency and provides our staff a more comprehensive view of the nuances associated with your industry, your customers, and the most effective collection strategies. Every debt collector at TSI is now an expert on your accounts.