Meet CollectX – TSI’s Proprietary Analytics Platform

Utilizing Big Data to Drive Even Bigger Debt Collection Results

TSI’s predictive analytics platform, CollectX, delivers the debt recovery boost your accounts receivable need.

The Benefits of Predictive Data Analytics

Data analytics is a core disruptor in our digital age. Until recently, debt collection agencies would target high-balance accounts in the hopes of collecting bigger debts from fewer accounts. What they didn’t realize is that accounts with high balances may not have a high propensity to pay. However, the emerging field of predictive analytics has significantly shifted that focus.

With predictive analytics tools, such as TSI’s CollectX, we can now streamline and tailor recovery strategies at the account level using an ever-growing pool of data points to achieve breakthrough debt recovery results. Since we integrated CollectX, our proprietary analytics tool, into our next-gen debt collection platform, our clients have realized on average a 22% increase in their recoveries.

A Closer Look at CollectX

CollectX is a proprietary, cutting-edge predictive analytics model that focuses debt collection efforts on accounts that have the highest statistical probability of liquidating to provide revenue faster at a lower overall cost.

TSI utilizes state-of-the-art SAS technology, statistical techniques and our exceptionally unique data set to dynamically update the account scores on a daily basis, based on new data. These scores are used to rank accounts for collectability.

The Impact of CollectX on Your Bottom Line

By scoring accounts and segmenting portfolios with CollectX, TSI will create custom and comprehensive debt recovery strategies that maximize contacts and liquidations across your entire debt portfolio.

CollectX can also provide a comprehensive analysis to help bolster the accuracy of your forecasting capabilities.

With CollectX, you will realize higher recoveries in less time, and at a lower cost than you’re currently paying. By leveraging the powerful combination of TSI’s next-gen debt collection platform and CollectX to score your accounts for an account level-based contingency fee, you will experience increased cash flow for your delinquent accounts.

With CollectX, we work smarter and you see cash flow faster.

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